First Class


I totally understand how people never want to change from Emirates to another airline unless they really have no choice. Emirates is first class. The service is first class. The uniforms are first class. The video selections are first class. Everything is first class.

Sometimes it’s just good to pay the extra for the comfort they provide and the oh so yummy chocolate mousse, arabic breakfast platter and the apple strudel. I watched Glee to my hearts content and used the very happy smelling hand lotion in the toilet. And for a person who has traveled in many airlines, OH-MY-GAWD, I totally love Emirates and whole-heartedly believe that they deserve every award that they have received over the years.

Take offs and landings are my worst nightmares among petty others, but they were so close to perfection that it was almost impossible to find the flaws.

Well apart from raving about that non-essential stuff, I just had to mention that I just had kids in 1 of the 2 flights I was on. And this one kid, in her brilliant pink sweater was just hilarious. She was in the row of seats behind us and kept coming over to our row and picking up everything from the seat and handing it over to her mother. Later, she’d stand on her seat and pull the headset of the boy sitting next to me, while his mother and me laughed at this extremely peculiar situation. I passed her my butter to keep her occupied, she chucked it back at me 15 mins later. Oh, she made my flight an enjoyable experience. Mind you, I’d say she was barely 2.

Another quite significant thing that happened was at the Dubai Airport. One of the more wonderful things about coming home or to any Muslim country is the sound of the Azaan and the availability of prayer rooms. Now, I’ve never taken the opportunity to use these public majilis before, but I’m proud I made that first step this time. A woman called me sister. I’ve never been called that before. It was a nice feeling.

And one more super amazing thing. This was the first ever time that the flight wasn’t overtaken with natives of the Indian subcontinent. It was a pleasure to travel with Europeans for a change. Not the Chinese though. I’ve had a wonderful in-flight experience. I’m slightly but not so jetlagged. I’m off to take in the cool *said in British accent* British air!


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