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September 2015


I didn’t like this month much, but I still had some decent moments. The month started down in the dumps, so I guess you can’t really go anywhere but up from the ground.

Maybe she needed someone to show her how to live and
he needed someone to show him how to love. ~N.R. Hart

I have an intense love for the sea, it’s my safe place – always puts my life in perspective. I love coastal walks, one of the absolute amazing things in this world. Mountain walks don’t even come close. And I’ve got a bestie who understands exactly what that means. Then I found this: “It made her feel small, but free as well.” ~George R.R. Martin

date Dhul Hijjah came and went. I like to think I made the most of it, InshaAllah. Slaughtered my first sheep, well I didn’t do it with my bare hands, but I dealt with it. My flatmate and I made food and celebrated a quiet Eid this time around. eid

My favorite new-age comic – Heart and Brain released it’s first book which I’ve booked as a birthday present. If you don’t know about it, you should – it’s absolutely brilliant.

Actually finished reading a novel after years! Back to medical books now…

Rekindled my friendship with the lovely Mubs who I’ve kinda missed in this odd little place in my life and it was kinda nice Skyping and catching up her highness.

Supporting New Zealand (and Wales) for the Rugby World Cup – it will be a lovely final for sure, with UK over-run with all nationalities.

My brother celebrated his 25th birthday in INDIA! Good on him for actually traveling and doing something different for a change. So proud 😀

To her, if there was nothing to fix, there was nothing to love.
~Christopher Pointdexter

I didn’t travel anywhere this month, so I don’t have any travel photos, but I ended this month in the radiology department which is what I love and I finally figured out why. It’s like spot the difference, put the puzzle together, being an undercover Sherlock Holmes.

Without You


You can test the waters of the ocean,
learn to swim against the currents,
but that will never prepare you
for a tsunami,
despite the weather warnings.

It dragged everything I knew
in one swift movement,
left me drowning
for I no longer had an anchor
to keep me safe on the shore.

All the things I was with you,
I now have to struggle to be
without you,
I don’t know if I’ll ever
be ready for that.



The room is set ablaze
by the rays of sunshine streaming through
on this lazy afternoon,

yet I’m under the quilt
the blood coursing through my veins
cold almost lifeless

I miss your presence
your warmth and your strong heartbeat
your legs tangled up in mine,

there really is no point
in waking up and going about my day
if you aren’t a part of it.



I’m left in the aftermath
of my earthquake-striken life;
trying to make sense of
the pieces that no longer fit.

I need you now
to salvage what remains;
you’ve done it before
come back and do it again.

Why I wrote this:
My life was in shambles and I’m not used to being that way. Being a whole continent away from my best friends, I needed them there beside me. I needed that shoulder.



There was never any hesitation in the choices I made for you
in the depth of my mind
in the chambers of my heart
in the corners of my soul.
Yet I’m terrified, the butterflies are overshadowed by the fear of
being hurt by your words
being stranded by your actions
being unloved by your defiant heart.
In the reality of ghosts that haunt your past, present and future,
my eyes shall sparkle in your presence
my lips shall continue the silence
my hands shall continue to honor your memory.

Why I wrote this:
Some of the greatest love stories were not because they loved out loud.

Shades of Perfect


I thought you were my support.
That I could fall apart in your arms.
Until I was ready to piece myself together.
But you weren’t, and all I was, was broken.

I thought you were my knight.
Yet you had no armor nor a horse.
You were perfect, then you weren’t.
My flaws were apparent and yours too.

I thought you always had the words.
Those right words to soothe my restless heart.
A rush of fire to my dwindling hope.
How wrong I was to believe so.

But I learnt, I couldn’t expect you to be perfect.
Just to understand my imperfections.
You are human, just as much as me.
We err.

To myself. To my creator.
I am perfect.
That is my peace.
My support.

He has the words to forever guide me.
Like He guides you.
I don’t need a knight when I have a King.
He is everything I always needed, I just didn’t see it then.

Flames To Dust


There are words floating around in my mind,
a world of pieces without a clear picture.
I know what you want, all for the wrong reasons,
what I don’t know is what I want.

How far am I going to push you,
until I push you away and regret?
How much am I going to pull you in,
enough to leave me broken again?

Mine is a broken heart, too broken to love.
Yours is a broken heart, yearning for love.

Truth be told, there is fire,
a fire burning only on the outside.
Flames rising wild, faced with resistance,
trying to cross over boundaries to the inside.

Being with you makes me feel special,
with most of my world fading away.
Your scent engulfs me, comfortably smiling;
smiling like I haven’t in a long time.

What are you to me: friend or more?
Is this going to end with a friend or a foe?

I care for you, not because I like you,
but because you are deserving of love.
You are a kind soul with an enormous heart,
and my care I can promise you forever.

So, if you are feeling lonely, I’m here;
you can listen to me talk,
while I take you away from your world,
and safely into mine.