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I hate her for walking away
leaving you with a broken heart.
I hate you for walking away
without giving me a chance to heal it.

Love you haven’t learnt-
the one who broke and scarred your heart,
will never be the same one that brings it back to life.

I hate her for the role
she played in your festering wounds.
I hate you for being stuck
in those memories and tormenting yourself.

Love you haven’t learnt-
that you shouldn’t have brought her along when you came for me,
I didn’t deserve half of you.

I hate her for being
that great love of your life.
But I will always love you
for being mine.

Love you haven’t learnt-
that I could see everything and despite your demons,
I had enough love to illuminate the darkest corners of your soul.

I learnt though,
that your heart never had the strength to hold it all.

Settle for Less


You didn’t agree to us,
my heart shattered
and tears flowed effortlessly,
but I woke peaceful
with the rise of the succeeding sun
and understood that
I was not ready to settle for less.

Why I wrote this:
I didn’t ask him to date me, I told him that I’d marry him if he’d have me – over text. I’m not brave. He is the greatest inspiration of my life, however I’m an inspiration on my own.