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Just Once


Stop and take a look into my heart, see yourself there.
Even after all those long, distant, quiet years.

An old story written in my history, refusing to be buried.
Another chapter; maybe another day, maybe never.

My heart has been waiting for you.
But you don’t know it, I didn’t either.

We didn’t even have one moment, our moment, for me.
You couldn’t see what was so plain and clear.

I could have made you a star, helped you touch the sky.
Better that you are now, bigger than your body.

Your picture leaves me breathless, yet I’m still staring.
And I’m scared about what your words can do to me.

Let me see that smile smile for me, that heart beat for me.
Please, I want that twinkle back in your eyes.

I don’t want your life, I just want a moment, just one.
For that I will wait for you, for our time.