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Sometimes life throws you an
unexpected curve ball,
but HE
is beyond worthy adjectives,
we are the odd trans-Asian Skype call
of laughter, tears and fears.
A friendship
filled with the unconventional ‘I told you so’s,
unsolicited advice that needs to be said,
and arms that are forever open; no judgment.
Something that
doesn’t break each other down,
but silently builds us up.
He might not be my closest friend,
yet HE
kinda is my best friend.

Why I wrote this:
Do you have that friend that you don’t talk to everyday but when you do it’s like no time has passed at all? That friend who is so close that no matter the distance and changing time zones, the friend is right there with you? This piece was for that friend.

Settle for Less


You didn’t agree to us,
my heart shattered
and tears flowed effortlessly,
but I woke peaceful
with the rise of the succeeding sun
and understood that
I was not ready to settle for less.

Why I wrote this:
I didn’t ask him to date me, I told him that I’d marry him if he’d have me – over text. I’m not brave. He is the greatest inspiration of my life, however I’m an inspiration on my own.

Spectrum of Tears


My eyes are crying a devils river,
down my cheeks,
soaking my t-shirt.
Never has there been a month
like this before,
an insane whirlwind of emotions.

It started with heartbreak,
moving on to hope and ease,
ending with dreams coming true.


Why I wrote this:
Well I ended my 3 year crush obsession whateveryoumaycallit, I came home after 6 months and I got my first job contract! It’s been an emotional month!

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My eyes are tired holding onto those unshed tears.
My life in shambles since hope left after all these years.
My heart is broken and heavy but it’s void of fears.

I’m no longer chained, I’ve gotten my answer.
Now it’s just me, I’ve started walking away from the cancer.


Why I wrote this:
He said we were only friends and then he left for home. I cried, but I’ve started walking.

More poems on instagram @khroniklesofk –> link on the right column.



I was beautiful,
I am not anymore.
My flowers are wilting,
and my trees are dying.
My breath is polluted.

Darkness is taking over,
spreading its virus through the human race.
They have this exceptional ability,
to destroy my livelihood.
Love, happiness, smiles and hugs.

I look around, all I see are,
tears, frowns, and blood thirsty anger.
Enough to crush me,
crush me slowly and painfully.
Too harsh to even try and recover.

I hate to see this happening,
but I realize it’s a pointless war.
I’m too tired.
I’m just going to let it overwhelm me.
Good bye!

No One Cared


She sat at the bottom of the staircase, alone;
her face hollow, her eyes swollen with unborn tears,
waiting, ever so patiently to rush out like a raging river.
The anger within, surging beyond
her control, was ripping her
like a tiger and his prey.
No one saw her, no one cared.

Helpless, with no comforting shoulder,
the pain inside was so strong, so controlling,
killing her instead of making her stronger.
She was scared and invisible,
crying out to the world,
but not a soul heard her.
No one reached out, no one cared.

So tired, she let out her tears,
and they flooded the floor,
but the pain still remained
like a flame out of control.
Her anger lashed out
as she destroyed all in her path,
yet still,
No one bothered, no one cared.

So pained, she gave up hope,
and ever so slowly she faded away.
As they buried her in the valley
where the sun doesn’t rise,
no one came to say their last goodbyes.
And even after she was dead and gone
No one cared for the departed one.