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The patient (v.)


Now while you are
battling your own demons,
I will be all the mercies you are to me,
for you!
Because in all your magnificence,
the best you have taught me is
the grace of

Why I wrote this:
My best friend is the most patient person I know and in Arabic it is pronounced As-Sabiroun. He is going through some personal things and just like he has shown patience when I was going through my personal battles, I shall adopt patience with him because of him.

To the Brilliant


Frosty we called you,
but you didn’t care.
A teacher, a friend,
a saviour, a kindred soul.

You opened our eyes,
to life, to the simple things.
Ignited our candles,
our curiosity to learn.

You would be proud,
to see the people we are today.
The choices we’ve made,
the life we’ve lead.

We see the world for what it is now,
it’s not always fair.
You knew that,
but it was something we had to see.

Good people are never encouraged,
embraced as they should be.
But you didn’t care,
you taught us anyways.

You reached past the thorns,
and found the rose within us.
Planted seeds in the best of minds,
which grew steadfast.

The memories are there,
always, forever.
Your presence is missed though,
and your quiet assurance.

You picked us up when we fell,
when we doubted ourselves.
Never lost faith in us,
and now we stand independent.

Our heads are held high,
our hands linked with each others.
Dexterous, we march forward,
in your honor.

How can we tell you,
how grateful we are?
For your eyes, and your touch,
for your guidance?

Because of you,
we are trying for change.
Strive to make it better,
that is your reward.

You live in our hearts,
during the day, through the night.
I hope you know that,
that you are special to us.

We long to see you,
so that you can see your fruits.
For you know that,
you’ve made a difference.

You chose the road less traveled upon,
and opened our narrow minds.
We were worthy,
and now we aspire to remain so.

We are still your students,
and you are eternally our guardian.
Thank you for your faith,
we cherish all you gave us, infinitely.