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There was never any hesitation in the choices I made for you
in the depth of my mind
in the chambers of my heart
in the corners of my soul.
Yet I’m terrified, the butterflies are overshadowed by the fear of
being hurt by your words
being stranded by your actions
being unloved by your defiant heart.
In the reality of ghosts that haunt your past, present and future,
my eyes shall sparkle in your presence
my lips shall continue the silence
my hands shall continue to honor your memory.

Why I wrote this:
Some of the greatest love stories were not because they loved out loud.

Rainbow of Lies


You mean nothing to me,
You never were the ultimate love of my life.
I don’t think about you at all,
I don’t even have floods of memories.
You didn’t change me with your words,
You couldn’t even with your blinding stares.
I accept your silence,
I go on albeit your distance.
You have no strength to break my heart,
You without the courage to love.
I embrace your demons,
I wish you tormenting nightmares.
You are everything ordinary,
You have no power over farewells.

The Twist In The Road


Though I’ve hated you at times for leaving me alone,
I love you for letting me have this chance to miss you.

To appreciate all those small, silent things that you are
and understand that even through the fights, we belong together.

To realize that even though I think I want to be away,
my heart yearns not to be.

You inspire me to be
and breathe life into my existence,
and I hope that I give you even
a small something in comparison to that.

I love you and have missed you way too much
for even all the love songs to be enough to say it all.

And if I could I would call you every opportunity
just to hear you call me yours and let my heart do a happy dance.

This room feels so lifeless without your presence,
so come back and fill it with your love and silence.

Personal Battlefield


The silence, it envelopes me, yet I am unafraid.

Voices, they surround me, but I am drifting away.

I want to go back, to what is familiar to me.

I feel like a stranger here, a thief of time.

Trapped among people I know but can’t make sense of.

The loneliness; in the day – blissful, in the night – a curse.

I don’t know what to do but I want to find you.

And be safely wrapped in your arms.

I am counting down the days as they go.

Some slow, some not so.

Drifting and stumbling, slowly breaking down.

H.A.G.S. [Less photographs, more silence]


Someone once told me, “There is no need for photographs when there are things such as memories.” That was four years ago. Then I was too young to understand what that meant, but today I learnt the true meaning of that statement.

One has many friends, but one has only a few best friends. How do you know the difference? Its really simple actually. Your best friends are the ones that shine the brightest when the tunnel seems so dark and hopeless.

They may not always be there for you, but they miracluously appear when things are at its worst, like they come inbuilt with an emergency sensors. And whether its through words or silence, laughter or smiles, life seems better.

Somedays, I just wish to sit in silence. Take a backseat and watch them live their lives. Hear what they have to say, to themselves and to others and to me. And sometimes silent movies say much more than those that aren’t so.

Friendship is like a love affair. You need trust to build it on. Faith that your friend will do what they think is best for you. Hope for the future. And most importantly love and respect for that person.

Photographs bring back nostalgic pasts, memories forgotten. But when you are surrounded with people you love wholeheartedly and who love you back equally, those memories stay steadfast in your mind, everlasting.

Memories of words, memories of time, memories of laughter, memories of gratitude, memories of love, memories of thoughtfulness, memories of taunts, memories of tears, memories of greatness and memories of weakness.

Friendship is beautiful. A beautiful part of life. There are no amounts of photographs that can capture an essence of a friendship, but there are no words to describe the amounts of memories that build one.

It goes through its rough patches and it has its golden moments. It provokes greatness, teachs important life lessons, and opens ones eyes to the real world. It is forever, even past life.

“You can be my best friend, and I’ll be your Valentine” -Fergie

Till death do us apart…

[To everyone special in my heart – thank you]