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Without You


You can test the waters of the ocean,
learn to swim against the currents,
but that will never prepare you
for a tsunami,
despite the weather warnings.

It dragged everything I knew
in one swift movement,
left me drowning
for I no longer had an anchor
to keep me safe on the shore.

All the things I was with you,
I now have to struggle to be
without you,
I don’t know if I’ll ever
be ready for that.

Personal Battlefield


The silence, it envelopes me, yet I am unafraid.

Voices, they surround me, but I am drifting away.

I want to go back, to what is familiar to me.

I feel like a stranger here, a thief of time.

Trapped among people I know but can’t make sense of.

The loneliness; in the day – blissful, in the night – a curse.

I don’t know what to do but I want to find you.

And be safely wrapped in your arms.

I am counting down the days as they go.

Some slow, some not so.

Drifting and stumbling, slowly breaking down.