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Strength To Smile

Dear friend, how can I explain…?
I see the pain in your eyes,
but I’m glad you have your better days
when the light shines brighter than usual.
I know you are thinking of her,
of her eyes, of the things that make your heart warm
in every breath that you take.
I hear the silent plea that your soul makes
for it all to be the same as it was,
to turn back time and rewrite history.
I understand how hard it is to smile,
when all you feel is emptiness, but smile anyways.
The pain shall fade with it.
Don’t give up hope,
take the extended hand, shoulder, ear
and don’t let go until you feel stronger.
Trust. Dream. Live.
The world is indeed a beautiful place.
Beauty comes in the roses, along with the thorns,
in the small miracles that come by everyday.
We are knocking on closed doors,
open them and let us in,
to help you find the strength to smile..

Broken Roses


As the warm summer breeze blows
and the petals fall, one by one;
dried now, unlike before
brings memories of the heart
that within them store.
White, like snow they were
with a smudge of red amid them,
that brought the pain, I suppose
like the bleeding of a heart
over the blanket of snow.
And slowly now, as the petals fall
the pain fades away,
it is now time to move on;
to start afresh,
to hide those memories deep inside.
I lay down those roses to rest
that carry a heart filled with pain
and whisper a prayer

‘RIP dear roses,
and may the heart that
you shield, love forever’