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It is now
in this moment
that I am truly amazed
at how glorious
Allah really is.
The extent of His Power.

Verily, His command when He
intends a thing, is only that He says
to it “Be!” – and it is.


Why I wrote this:
Just when you are starting to worry and get discouraged, Allah swt sends a glimpse of His Power. Note = the last 3 lines are from the Quran, Surah Yaseen #36 verse 82.

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Rainbow of Lies


You mean nothing to me,
You never were the ultimate love of my life.
I don’t think about you at all,
I don’t even have floods of memories.
You didn’t change me with your words,
You couldn’t even with your blinding stares.
I accept your silence,
I go on albeit your distance.
You have no strength to break my heart,
You without the courage to love.
I embrace your demons,
I wish you tormenting nightmares.
You are everything ordinary,
You have no power over farewells.