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While we are still learning
new things about each other,
somewhere there is
this strange depth.

Where she understands
the wreck my heart is in,
and hates like it is
her own personal pain.

Where she is
slowly doing what she can
to make each beat
a little bit more bearable.

Open Your Eyes


And it feels just like yesterday, that I was at home, among familiar faces. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me at how fast time has gone by, how much life has flown out of our grasp while we were wasting our years on things that now seem so insignificant. It’s like the wheel of the world keeps on turning around before us. Do miss those good old days but look forward to see what the future has in store for you.

Let the rain come down and wash away all my tears; let it feel my soul and drown my fears; let is shatter the walls for a new sun. So as the dawn of the new year brings promise of better times, and the time for thought of self-improvement, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect and see how much things have changed, may it be ourselves, others, or even just surroundings. To see ourselves with new found appreciation.

Our greatest fear is and always will be change. No matter how much we try to deny it. I hear them saying, you’ll never change things, and no matter what you do, it’s still the same thing. But what we don’t realize is that we grow and change a little bit every day; physically, emotionally or spiritually. It’s just that we don’t see this change in ourselves; we don’t dwell in its existence. We mold ourselves around it, and let it take its course.

Though it is always the big things that scare us the most, it really should be the small, because there lays the impact. We fear a change of pace, a change for fresh air, a change of environment, a change of known faces. But in fact, it is our adaptation to these changes that we should be temperamental of, since that is what ultimately makes us who we are. Then we can say we’ve come a long way.

Changes around us happen every time we blink, but it’s hard to tell when the change inside us takes place. And we hardly ever witness this for ourselves, though people around us do. I don’t know when, confused about how as well. We only get self-realization when we step into ourselves and see how we have handled situations recently in comparison to the past, yet we are still the same.

Sometimes the dreams we followed so passionately as a child, now can only bring a reminiscent smile upon our face. Other times, it can bring pride, for following that dream brought us along the right path. But how many of us dreamt of going through life in this manner? Or imagined the things we’ve done along the way? Ain’t it crazy how you think you’ve got your whole life planned, just to find out it was never, ever in your hands?

Things we loved in the past, now amaze us. Leave us in utter wonder as to how we could have possibly tolerated those things. Make it through, just this day; face the world on your own; life will go on. The character of a person we were close to, the food we insisted that we ate, the games we played, and the pranks we succeeded with. The little genius’ we all were and the tricks we pulled on life, when actually it was life playing with us.

It’s simple to see how much you’ve grown when you measure yourself to someone close to you who hasn’t changed as much. Through the eyes of one I know, I see a vision once let go. Someone who never took a breath after you parted, till you came back. Never grew a single day since you last saw them, though life between then and now was plenty. Then you shall realize that time has gone by, and you are not the person you once were.

The friends we were once best friends with have nothing in common with us now. One night, and one more time; thanks for the memories. The things we loved to do when we were young and carefree have no time in our hectic schedules. Responsibilities finally catch up with us, and we begin to mature, well most of us anyways. Some of us will never grow up; guess that’s just a part of the package.

Life, it really is as complicatedly simple as it gets. We change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. That’s just the way it is, things will never be the same. The things we dream of sometimes come true, or may take a total turn in the opposite direction. At the end of journey, when we reflect…did we really see ourselves standing here, being the people we are?

All in all, change is bound to happen, and will eventually catch up with you, no matter how far you try to run and hide. Welcome it with arms wide open, enjoy its company, and you shall see and be proud of the person you become. You can witness the changes up close and personal, instead of it coming like a downright shock to you. Plus, if you don’t like the person you are becoming then you could always change straight away.