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All New Things


Ah! I love new things,
the novelty of it turns me on.
I could spend hours
trying to figure out how it works.

Be it a friend that has finally
fit into the jigsaw of my life,
ticking a box left blank too long.

A new hobby with a different
sort of zing to it that
starts to fill up your free time.

The air of a new destination
filled with mystery
and hidden places to discover.

Or is it just a new moment
breaking free from
the cocoon older days?

An old love
whose path has now
showed a twist.

A verse you didn’t quite
understand now revealing
it’s true nature.

And by things,
I didn’t really mean that at all.
I’m not as superficial
as a magpie.

Intricate Escapism


There is always a time and way to indulge
in our fantasies of intricate escapism,
be it books or movies, cigarettes or alcohol;
but me, I’ve got a different poison.

I run…
as fast as the speed of sound,
as far as the clouds can carry me;
and me, I don’t look back.

It’s the right time for a clean break…
I stuff my bag with bare necessities,
I hop the nearest flight;
then me, a new leaf with new friends in a new place.

My problems I leave behind,
swept under the carpet of my old home,
an existence unacknowledged;
without me, suffocating with the lack of oxygen.

And if, just if, reality were to creep up,
my bags were never really unpacked,
ready to leave it all behind;
with me, without even a shiver of remorse.

Because, that, is what I do,
I run,
away from the impending darkness,
and me, I don’t ever look back.

When You’re Gone


The time has come to begin a new life, to discover a new culture, to make new friends. This is the road you have chosen to follow, filled with many things you don’t know. As you leave behind the people you have been with your whole lives, the pieces of your heart are missing them. This feeling never completely fades away.

So lately been wondering who will be there to take my place. I know you will need someone to give you strength when you are weak, to give you hope when your candle has blown out, to share your smiles and joys; to be there for you, when I can’t. Will that person share with you, what we had? I wish I could go with you.

You are overwhelmed by all the new faces and you wish that you knew someone, anyone to help you take away this lost feeling. You want someone to show you the way, a light in this cold place. Hold on. Don’t be scared, your destiny will keep you warm. This is where you are supposed to be. And soon you will be standing on your own two.

–We are where we are because we are meant to be there. You seem so far, yet so close. I wish you were closer. Nothing’s going to change destiny, whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly. I want to go back in time and let it rerun in slow motion, to give us more time to be together, to prepare each other for this new life, apart.

Many smiles and greetings, new names and nationalities, but none like those you’ve left behind. Feel like you’ve been to the upper-side of down, been to the inside of out. You wish it was the way it used to be: comfortable and safe. But you’ve made your decision, and now you must stick by it. It does get better.

–I’m scared too. All these new things I have to know. I want to go back, but I can’t. I hope I find a familiar face; after all, this is a small world. Sometimes I rush to get right to the end; I know I’ll get to this place when I feel the time is right. The summer: when we can all be together again, sharing stories of our new lives, entwining it with the others.

Sometimes you are frustrated, and are finding it hard to adjust all these new things. You pine for home, for family and for friends. I will feel your tears falling. I will hear your spirit calling. And I swear I’ll be there. Maybe due to the time difference we are not available, but technology is really great these days. Call them, text them, email them, or even leave them a message online. It feels nice not to be forgotten too.

— I want to call you sometimes, so I can hear your voice, I feel so much better knowing that you want to talk as much. Even if you are not online, I’ll leave you a message, when I’m feeling lonely. Just stay strong, ‘because you know I’m here for you. Be there for me too. Just because I’m me, it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you, that I don’t have my moments of weakness. I’m only human, you guys are my life.

It seems like all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see them some day. It’s good for you if your family goes with you to this new land, even if for a few days. Helps you settle in. And your friends, they shall be there for you. Distance is hard, but it is something friendship can live through.

— Time difference is a killer. I never get to talk to you, and when I do, it’s so short. I have so many things I want to tell you about this new life. And there is so much I want to ask you about yours. But though the distance that’s between us now may seem to be too far, it will never separate us. I carry you with me, in every breath, in every step.

You want to feel like you’re close to something real. You are! It feels different, because it is new to you. But remember, your friends and family wish you well. They have prepared you with the best of their knowledge. Make this dream a reality. Step out of your cocoon and welcome the world into your arms.

— I’m worried about you. I hope you are doing well in your new life. Stay in touch. Don’t forget me. I know you will be down for a few weeks, I was too. But then you’ll see the beauty in the new land, and the fresh perspective its will give you about the world. Even though for now we’ve got to say goodbye, I know you will be forever in my life.

Soon you will have new friends, and will have new memories to share. And during holidays, you will miss their presence in your life. There’s nothing like me and you. Each one is special. Each relationship is unique. And altogether they build up a very fulfilling life. They complete your puzzle. They bring sunshine, the rain, and rainbows.

I don’t know when, confused about how as well, just know that these things won’t change for us at all. You will live your life, and I will live mine. And though they are both far away from each other, different in every way; I shall come home one day, so shall you. And we shall pick up right where we left off, like nothing ever happened.

Time passes slowly, don’t fret. So the days feel like years when you’re alone. It’s not always so. After a few weeks, you’ll wonder where all the time has gone. It’s hard being alone in a new place with new faces. Take it step-by-step. In no time you will achieve a great distance with pride. The new faces will become familiar; the new place, you shall call home.

Be good to yourself, and I shall do the same. You’ll live one more day and make it through the rain. Then you’ll emerge tough and nothing shall bring you down. I have my faith in you, just like you had in me. Sometimes I might feel far from you, but look into your heart and you’ll find me there, now and forever. I shall never give up what we have. But for now, I miss you, and this is all I want to say.

*** “A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley then to those who inhibit the mountain?” ***