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It was a love
so disgraceful;
like unwanted pennies.

That marred
the velvet guitar case;
of a street musician.

A love
that didn’t belong;
wasted existence.

August 2015


August isn’t my most favorite month but it has definitely been great this time around. I sneakily took 2 holidays this month, making use of the last summer month to go trapezing around.

DSC02553 (1280x904)My first was to North Wales. Transport absolutely sucks, but I’d gladly leave the South and move up. It is stunning. Families go crabbing on the weekend. CRABBING! I want to go crabbing and ice cream eating along piers every weekend. I am sad that I didn’t get to see any puffins even after all my walking, but I’ve never had luck with wildlife. So I got myself a puffin pin to make up for it 😀
Conwy is lovely, it has a lovely fish shop hidden on the bay, but you’ll see all the locals with boxes, can’t really miss it. DSC02587 (1280x851)Slightly oily, but very crispy. Parisellas ice cream is great. And the thing I loved most about Conwy was that they had all these quaint shops where you could get music boxes and toys from eons ago that you could never find today. Almost like stepping back in time.

I headed off to Puffin Island in Penmon passing the priory and well, talking to strangers on the way. Sadly walked all the way there, had triple chocolate cake, which was delish.. then walked all the way back.DSC02649 (905x1280) Beaumaris does by far the most beautiful castle, at least I think so. I’m a little OCD and I like my castles to be rounded with perfect moats and drawbridges. Red boat ice cream is mindblowing and there is a line, always! Don’t think you can come back when it’s less crowded; just queue up. The town also has a Popeye burger joint with a burger to meet every character and a candy store called A Penny Farthing, which weirdly reminded me of My Fair Lady. And then I headed off to the base of Snowdon via Cernarfon – which also has a massive squarish castle, but they Hole in the Wall St. Cracked me up! I love holes in the wall. (No PUN what-so-ever)DSC02747 (1280x851)
Next day up Snowdon, dragging my unfit body huffing and puffing, but the views! DAMN! Worth it. 3 hours up, 2 hours down and then traveling back to Conwy.

DSC02794 (1280x851)The following morning I was starting to feel how unfit I was, had to practically lift myself off the bed, and off I went to Holyhead, this time walking at a much slower pace, only because my body was aching in so many places. Walked through fields to get to South Stack. It has quite a majestic lighthouse – again, no luck with the puffins. Saw lots and lots of horses. ❤
Last and final day to Llandadnuo. Very tourist town. Found the mad hatter, but not Alice. Went up to Great Orme on DSC02878 (1280x905)the tramline and to the Copper mines, which was quite interesting – location wise. It was a lovely sunshiney day, so I had a double scoop of ice cream – toffee cheesecake and ferrero rocher. I’m such a child. Then hoped on my train back to the South.

Work – been going to deliveries on my own. It’s been a bit traumatic but let’s not think about those. Doing cranial ultrasounds on my own. Managing to get cannulas in. We have this ANNP student who is absolutely lovely, we hit it off and bless her – she’s been really great. She cracks me up, and I’ve come up with a good line to tell myself and others when shit hits the roof, which it does without fail at some time or the other in our lives – SORT YOURSELF OUT! I also went into work twice when I wasn’t supposed to – pulling Annas, I call it. But the second time, got together with the other Lankan Dr and went shopping in Cardiff. Got a cute dress from the childrens section. Sometimes it is joyful that you can shop in both sections. ^.^

Z got married. Her dress looked lovely. I’m still waiting on photos which will hopefully come soon, but I bet she looked amazing. I’ve been a lil lost this month, but Alhamdulillah for great friends and adopted children who just speak their hearts out. Monu, you are one of them. Random chats, catching up, summarizing the big shit – I got you girl. Anas, you are the other – thanks for just getting out and saying it – you know I got you. You are such a nerd face, you’ll be a great engineer when you decide you are ready to graduate. Oh I do have to shout out to NQB and Arafath because they too got married officially, and my baby girl got engaged even though I specifically told her not to without me. It’s all forgiven. Van, thank you for keeping in touch though I’m terrible at doing that. Duffy, pink smarties bro! 😉 Thank you for returning the friendship and being there to pick me up – fist bump for life ❤ I do have to sneak in M here, just because we had a heart-to-heart after a long LONG time. AND DEEPS IS BACK!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

DSC02925The Drs rotate next month, so we all went out for a meal and drinks and most of us to a Jazz club after, with live music. It was good fun. Just nice to get out of the hospital and dress up, eat, laugh, walk around Cardiff till late and get home at 0130 am after a tiring night shift the day before. That lemon pavlova :O I want another please. #cosyatcosy

Made a trip to Exeter to see Deeps with dark chocolate. Weather wasn’t great, but the company. Gave my heart so much peace. Dragged her along to Torquay, had fancy Thai food, went up on the Torquay Eye – had the starting of a panic attack, so closed my eyes and cringing with her laughing endlessly at my silliness. But that resolved after a Devon clotted cream tea, well with coffee. DSC02990 (1280x905)We bought this board game which we thought we’d play at night, but ended up talking till we fell asleep, so played the trivia/trickery game over coffee in the morning before wandering around Exeter in search of the quay. Found a bookstore with old and interesting treasures and got a book for 3 birthdays. The quay had converted cellars – so of course we went to the coffee cellar 😉 and had smoothies. Because that’s how we roll. I also had this polenta lemon cake with pistache. Surprisingly tasty! I was so sad to leave her. It’s good to have her close though.

Life After You – Daughtry
Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor
Flashlight – Jessie J
Where Are U now? – Skrillex & Diplo ft Justin Bieber
Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynne
Are You With Me? – Lost Frequencies

May 2015


Performed at my first ever Poetry Open Mic. That was some scary stuff. Almost couldn’t see what I had written. But didn’t pass out, nor did I fall off the stage, or do anything else embarrassing. I’ll take that as a win – thankyouverymuch.

imageNothing short of a beautiful month is May. Misskayes celebrated her birthday, and though plans sort of fell through, she will always be my 19 year old beauty queen, rocking that yellow. #infinity

Another friend, in the land down under went through the blog and loved my writing. Bless her! She finally started baking as a part time business, rightly so. She’s amazing.

Spoke with Miz after what feels like ages, and caught up on Courtesan au chocolat, cute irish baker boy and books! ❤

I was falling. Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between. I fell for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling.
—Jess Rothenberg

Made a trip to the Souk at Qaryat Al Beri. Got some decent photos, wish thDSC01987 (1280x851)ey were better – I’ll make do with these till I do.

I got my visa! Booked my flight! Told my girls! Told my boys!

Got tiramisu! It was delish. Lots better than from the cafe, but the cafe does make a mean pannacotta!

Sometimes you have those moments where you can still surprise your already worldly parents. Took mom for her first chocolate sphere. She loved it. I loved that she loved it. We had a great night.image

Had mandatory farewell dinner. Always such a joy. Nothing too fancy this time. Thankfully. Matching red shoes was absolutely hilarious. AND CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE! I’m going to miss Magnolias…

Hustle and bustle at the airport with mum and dad and selfie taking. NQB doing a back flip cz I was leaving that night and not the next. He’s a doll! Misskayes and her heartbreaking farewell..

Quick selfie with the bro at Paddington and on the train to Newport. Got a lovely housemate.

Lots and lots of skyping. Its been crazy. But it’s been good at keeping the homesickness away. Now its just regular Skype dates.

Hijacked a girl on the street and made a new friend.DSC02266 (1280x851)

Got a black balloon worthy visitor. Had a great few days along with the bank holiday. Silenced our fear of heights for a day with an inhaler, hand holding and encouragement.

langThat special feeling…

Starting work, FINALLY! Great team, learning new things everyday. Wonky babies. Saving lives.

Cousin and cousin going down! Sorta conspired with T to get that done – but good for them. Couldn’t be happier for them to be together and start the lives they are ready to lead.

Baking. Hmm. None. Did try peach upside down cake, but not used to the oven yet. Needs to be attempted again.

Songs.. Same old. Maybe a few new ones, but aren’t really coming to mind atm. Shall update.

February 2015


DSC01348 (1280x851)Much ado about nothing – it was still a great trip to Brighton with K Jr, John-daughter and bro-man. Definitely for the food, and for this beautiful sunset moment. Shall recommend the galore of seafood. Pigged out like crazy! Finally UK meet-up with Zaynab before she headed back home. Quaint town that spells lanes as laines! Very amusing.


Next stop, was the much anticipated trip to Manchester to meet “chumma” who flew in all the way from Dublin. Got cheap and awesome coffee from Fatso’s. It’s great if you are looking for a caffeine kick while soaking up the sun. Met 2 other interesting gentlemen, to say the least. But walked about with “chumma” to see the beautiful Manchester Cathedral and then just chill-bonded at Las Iguanas (yes, it’s my all time fav place). Parted from the gentlemen and met up with Ahmed – hunted for ghost shisha places, DSC01375 (1280x851)until we finally hit the jackpot! The waiter was a doll!!! Rush to get to the airport and rush to get to the train, well worth the trip. Miss her!!!

Spent 1.5 days with pre-schoolers and had an absolute blast. I’d give for that again. Rice gave my heart some life back again. I almost didn’t want to leave him. </3


The next whirlwind of activity arrived and I collected him from the smallest airport ever – yes, he is baggage! (lol) Got chocolate 😀 And started our #4daysforsweettooths

  • Day1: Lola’s Cupcakes @Selfridges – Raspberry chocolate cake
  • Day2: Motown Desserts @Whitechapel – Cloud 9 and Pecan pie
  • Day3: Bakery @Harrods – Black velvet cake and Pecan pie
  • Day4: Urban Chocolatier @Whitechapel – Mugshot cookie dough and Cherry dark hot chocolate

Got shortlisted for 2 interviews the following week, both in unique locations, thankfully in the field I love! They were quite interesting, went smoothly and got offered both positions. Allah has been kind to me this month. Immensely!!! Started packing to get back home and last minute shopping, met a doll in the process. We, well I, finally went to have Sachertorte at Angel post-Valentine and Sri Lanka’s world cup disappointment drama. I think I built too much of a hype in my head around it. Off to Manchester to meet the lovely Ashley and chill out there, enjoy the rain and bipolar weather.

“Be watchful–the grace of God appears suddenly. It comes without warning to an open heart.” Jalal ad-Deen Rumi — An old friend posted that. I’m a huge Rumi fan, this one really hit home hard.

DSC01591 (1280x851)

Finally back home and the first call ever — from my girl Koms! She really is all about that damn BASS!!! I can’t wait to meet her, but first things first – chilling with my ancient home girls after what? 7 years I think. Such a blast, such crazy. Still learning new things, actually talking about serious yet rubbish topics. It was great to have them over! ❤ They actually had epic timing, witnessed a milestone moment (no, I didn’t miraculously grow taller).



Daddy’s birthday – brunching and lunching. Delish meat.. Meat, glorious meat!!! Happy tummy… It’s good to be home 🙂

Tunes for the month:
-If you haven’t heard the “Thinking Out Loud/ I’m Not The Only One” Mash-up by Sam Tsui and Casey Breves – YOU SHOULD!!!
-Ed Sheeran: Photograph
-Bastilles: Pompeii
-Hozier: Take Me To Church
-Ellie Goulding: Love Me Like You Do

January 2015


DSC01123 (1280x851)

Spent new years day with Zaynab who I haven’t seen in ages. We made it to Edinburgh castle and did the entire castle in record speed – snuck a few illegal pictures as well. Later on, she got on to catch her flight back to London and I went for my epic Edinburgh burger and odd souvenir shopping.

Started a K-some with @misskayes and @k.writes on instagram called @khroniklesofk to kickstart our #instadaily poetry initiative. Give us an outlet and a reason to write everyday. Very happy with what we are achieving out of it. So far, so good. Show us some love!!!

Baby girl got anxiety over her “boyfriend”. Needed calming. Enjoying life and the boyfriend now, except the occasional gift-giving fiascos.

Was craving dhal puri. Went all the way to tooting to get some. Round 2 at tooting with homemade fried chicken and yummy lemon cheesecake that cost me next to nothing. So amazed. Round 3 with Cynthi for their strawberry tart. Love Cafe Delta! Lovely lil hole in that end of the world.

 RDunno what to make of it. But it’s a lovely friend thing to say. ❤

The blog reached almost 1000 views for 2014 & 100 followers. I’m amazed and honored.


I learnt about dreams. I’m still on the fence, but I shall wait to see if will come true or not. Inshallah. But it gave me hope (which is also a poisonous killer). Made me think of this. Erin Hanson is amazing. She goes as e.h. She has some really great poetry and quotes. Check her out!

DSC01236 (1280x905)

Mona darling was in town for a week. I had an absolutely fantabulous time. We walked and walked and ranted and talked and problem solved. Visited posh places (ie Knightsbridge) and stuck out like sore thumbs. How touristy of us. She gave me a reason to get out of bed and I welcomed that with open arms. The joys of friendship and sisterhood.

My last market tour to Angel, Islington. Coming back for the Austrian cake shop and the brooches. Quaint place. Easy to miss if you don’t walk down the cobbled path. Slightly pricey than the usual spots, but I guess vintage is always so. But cake!

Side tripped to the Designer Outlet Mall at Wembley. They have a Lindt store. Might get some chocolates for home. They have so many flavors. I was just in aww. Went a lil crazy in the stationary store too.

DSC01295 (905x1280)

Made my final trip to Southampton for this journey and met up with darling Manch. Stress baked and stress ate – pineapple upside-down cake and blueberry cheesecake. Cynthi joined us for a day trip to Winchester. She brought chicken wings, courtesy uncle, yummy! Winchester was cold, but fun. I called shotgun going (muahahahaha). Missed Arthur’s statue, I’ll live. Came back to pizza and a movie – perfect night. Ended up on my last day at the National Oceanography Center (whoops!) but got a few lovely photos anyways.

GOT my GMC registration. Finally! Now job hunting.

Went on a hot chocolate date with my brother. It was interesting to say the least. Had my italian hot chocolate. Not as great as the winter wonderland hot chocolate fountain one, but still pretty decent. Wouldn’t go back for it though. Filled my desire hole.

Songs of the month (some new, some old):
-Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair remix)
-King: Years & Years
-2014 mashup: Us The Duo
-Real Love: Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynn
-Alesso ft Tove Lo: Heroes
-Olly Murs ft Demi Lovato: Up
-Hozier: Take Me To Church
-Avicii ft Adam Lambert: Lay Me Down
-Maroon 5: Sugar
-Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?

Sugar & Milk


Uneasy feelings, knots that won’t undo.
A moment of fleeting angst,
breathing fire without a clue.

I need open fields filled with flowers.
Sun shine raining down,
peace please, exclude the lover!

Differences maybe plenty.
Music, talents, size and shape,
yet we love being twenty.

All tangled up in each other,
however, our mind to our own.
Day dreams fixated without thunder.

A mystical genius with her word,
wisdom beyond her age.
It’s her pen mightier than that sword.

Crazed shopaholic,
yet filled with crafty, traveling bones.
Her life can never be described as monochromic.

Tea without semi-skimmed milk or sugar,
at home with mom, please.
But she’s strong, and her tongue is a butcher.

I’m a mangled soul,
a verse for every moment in time.
Several oddly broken pieces of a whole.

Yet in open fields, in perfect weather,
it’s champagne bubbles and chocolate truffles,
it’s MP3 players and instagrammers,
all together.


The Pianist


Stained sheets of music
A familiar melody echoes
Fingertips slide through yellowed keys.
In a room alone, complete solitude
Sits the pianist and his best friend,
His precious gift, the priceless Steinway.
Moonlight trickles through the tiny window
Attracted to the piano in it’s splendor,
casting a lonely silhouette.
Fiery emotions inspire the music,
but in the silence of the night
not a soul hears the tunes.
A gift goes unappreciated,
a musician alone with his faithful companion,
tears rolling onto brilliant compositions,
saddened by his unknown fame.