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I hate her for walking away
leaving you with a broken heart.
I hate you for walking away
without giving me a chance to heal it.

Love you haven’t learnt-
the one who broke and scarred your heart,
will never be the same one that brings it back to life.

I hate her for the role
she played in your festering wounds.
I hate you for being stuck
in those memories and tormenting yourself.

Love you haven’t learnt-
that you shouldn’t have brought her along when you came for me,
I didn’t deserve half of you.

I hate her for being
that great love of your life.
But I will always love you
for being mine.

Love you haven’t learnt-
that I could see everything and despite your demons,
I had enough love to illuminate the darkest corners of your soul.

I learnt though,
that your heart never had the strength to hold it all.



The room is set ablaze
by the rays of sunshine streaming through
on this lazy afternoon,

yet I’m under the quilt
the blood coursing through my veins
cold almost lifeless

I miss your presence
your warmth and your strong heartbeat
your legs tangled up in mine,

there really is no point
in waking up and going about my day
if you aren’t a part of it.

The Way We Are


It is in the way that
time travels light-years
without us noticing,
and the simple little things
that make this
all so enticing.

It is too late now
to be trying to fix
this flickering light,
yet I guess I have to
give you an ‘A’ for
your effort in this fight.

It is and always will be
one of those
dangerously beautiful friendships,
soon I shall miss
the effortless smile
you bring to my lips.

Why I wrote this:
One of my closest friends, I can’t help but love him and be in love with him. He might just be the most inspiring person in my life and I look up to him. We had coffee recently, and with everything we’ve been through recently, I’m ready to let go of us, it might be premature, but knowing myself, I think it is better I slowly start to move on rather be left stranded – I thought he would understand this, however, he fighting to hold on. No matter, the time will come.