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Many Little Pieces


Oh gentle waves, that wash upon the shore!
I wish you would take away
the pain, the hurt and the anger.
But why don’t you?
Nothing seems to help.
My senses betray me, torture me,
haunt my very existence.
Time is ticking by,
but my life seems so stagnant.
I want you out, forever.
Never again.
The person I used to be,
where is she now?

Oh mighty waves, hear my prayer!
Wash away my sins,
and allow me the glory to start afresh.
Purify my heart.
Let me build myself a grand future,
instead of dwelling in the past.
I want to feel the breeze in my hair
and the scent of vitality in my soul.
So please, wash away my mistakes,
allow me to dance with the wind.
Mend these broken pieces and
bring back that perfect little girl,
home to stay.