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Flames To Dust


There are words floating around in my mind,
a world of pieces without a clear picture.
I know what you want, all for the wrong reasons,
what I don’t know is what I want.

How far am I going to push you,
until I push you away and regret?
How much am I going to pull you in,
enough to leave me broken again?

Mine is a broken heart, too broken to love.
Yours is a broken heart, yearning for love.

Truth be told, there is fire,
a fire burning only on the outside.
Flames rising wild, faced with resistance,
trying to cross over boundaries to the inside.

Being with you makes me feel special,
with most of my world fading away.
Your scent engulfs me, comfortably smiling;
smiling like I haven’t in a long time.

What are you to me: friend or more?
Is this going to end with a friend or a foe?

I care for you, not because I like you,
but because you are deserving of love.
You are a kind soul with an enormous heart,
and my care I can promise you forever.

So, if you are feeling lonely, I’m here;
you can listen to me talk,
while I take you away from your world,
and safely into mine.

The Pianist


Stained sheets of music
A familiar melody echoes
Fingertips slide through yellowed keys.
In a room alone, complete solitude
Sits the pianist and his best friend,
His precious gift, the priceless Steinway.
Moonlight trickles through the tiny window
Attracted to the piano in it’s splendor,
casting a lonely silhouette.
Fiery emotions inspire the music,
but in the silence of the night
not a soul hears the tunes.
A gift goes unappreciated,
a musician alone with his faithful companion,
tears rolling onto brilliant compositions,
saddened by his unknown fame.