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Lies I Tell


I’m late because of public transport.
In reality, I couldn’t decide what to wear.
I lost my A because I got over-confident,
I swear I didn’t expect that question to come.
Tell me your sad stories and show me that you trust me.
I tell you that I care, but all I am is curious.
I haven’t found home yet.
The biggest lie of all –
I’ve known where home was all along.

And here is how that tale goes.

I’ve known where home was the moment,
I laid eyes on you.
I should have just lowered my gaze.
But my oh my, I didn’t need that second look.
I’ve known where home was the moment,
your advice was what I sought.
I should have listened though.
That just might have been the peace I was searching for.
I’ve known where home was the moment,
I became a priority.
I should have realized it then.
All the trouble you took, all the sacrifices you made.

I see home in the smile that fills your eyes;
And in the words which fills my silence.
It is in the gravity that pulls me back to reality,
And in the answers to my super awkward questions,
Most of all, home is in your strength when I’m lost,
Then, in our friendship after so many storms.

I was never really looking for home.
That’s not a lie. I’m a wanderer, a free-spirit.
Home… found me.
And just in case I wasn’t clear before,
you are home to me, the only arms I ever wish to run into.
Yet now’s the time to say goodbye.

Don’t be confused, darling.
You knew who I was from the start.
I’m going to chase my dreams.
One day I’ll come back to your arms.
One day, you’ll be the only dream I shall be chasing.
One day it’ll be just you and I.

And, baby, you know that’s a lie.

Soul Mirrors


I know you are watching me,
You think I’m naive and unaware,
I see you sometimes so subtly,
From the corner of your eyes.

They follow me everywhere,
Those deep pools of dark cocoa,
Them that light up my sky,
And twinkle with love and lies.

Until they turn to black stones,
That’s when my heart turns cold,
And fear runs down my spine,
From the malice you can’t disguise.

Why I wrote this:
Those rear-view mirror moments.