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#SinglePringleCollection (1-5)


“Marry him.
Take care of him.”
That’s what she said.

“How do you do that for a man who
wants someone else?”
I stepped back. That’s what I did.

There she lay
beside me in sweet slumber,
a smirk on her face.
A curious early morning sight,
yet I rolled away to face the ceiling.

She, was stuck with me.

I wondered, would it be different
if he lay next to me,
would  he be pulling me in closer?
Ouch! She just smacked me
out of my daydream.

I, was stuck with her.

Here I am,
having the time of my life
yet coming back to an empty house
thinking I’d much rather
be with you!

There you are,
walking away with
your bags packed and mind made up
so I guess I’m getting used to
home being this way!

In a world that is intent on breaking,
it’s the first time I’ve learnt
to let go.

This is us.
This is love.
This is where I sleep,
alone in peaceful reverie.
With you darling, seas apart,
tormented by the road
less traveled.

You taught me to never
judge a book by its cover,
so I let him recite eloquent verses
that took me to a different time.

That was the thing I loved
most about him,
that he read in a language which
wasn’t completely mine.

Lies I Tell


I’m late because of public transport.
In reality, I couldn’t decide what to wear.
I lost my A because I got over-confident,
I swear I didn’t expect that question to come.
Tell me your sad stories and show me that you trust me.
I tell you that I care, but all I am is curious.
I haven’t found home yet.
The biggest lie of all –
I’ve known where home was all along.

And here is how that tale goes.

I’ve known where home was the moment,
I laid eyes on you.
I should have just lowered my gaze.
But my oh my, I didn’t need that second look.
I’ve known where home was the moment,
your advice was what I sought.
I should have listened though.
That just might have been the peace I was searching for.
I’ve known where home was the moment,
I became a priority.
I should have realized it then.
All the trouble you took, all the sacrifices you made.

I see home in the smile that fills your eyes;
And in the words which fills my silence.
It is in the gravity that pulls me back to reality,
And in the answers to my super awkward questions,
Most of all, home is in your strength when I’m lost,
Then, in our friendship after so many storms.

I was never really looking for home.
That’s not a lie. I’m a wanderer, a free-spirit.
Home… found me.
And just in case I wasn’t clear before,
you are home to me, the only arms I ever wish to run into.
Yet now’s the time to say goodbye.

Don’t be confused, darling.
You knew who I was from the start.
I’m going to chase my dreams.
One day I’ll come back to your arms.
One day, you’ll be the only dream I shall be chasing.
One day it’ll be just you and I.

And, baby, you know that’s a lie.

Where the magic at?


I’ve got my heart
in pieces
scattered like fairy dust,
yet here I am
still searching
for magic to heal,
for somewhere to call

Why I wrote this:
You can give your heart and pieces of yourself to others to help put themselves together, but you still need a place or person to call home to help you heal. In the end, you are human as well.

Sacrifices & Dreams


There is a certain
charm, serenity and comfort
being at home.
It is indeed a blessing
to be around ‘family’
when your heart is speechless.

I’m humbled by the sacrifices
my parents have made
for my future woven of dreams.


Why I wrote this:
I love my parents and yes all these things, but I can’t stay at home for too long. I miss my freedom. But really this time, I am ashamed at me running away from them, for it always has been them who have stood up for me, you have sacrificed for me, who have pushed for me, and I have no right to not be humbled next to them.

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The end is near;
tomorrow you’ll be gone,
back to the land we call home.
As much as I didn’t want you here;
let’s be honest,
you are always home to me.

You are where my heart is dear;
I’ll miss it when it’s gone.
And you too.


Why I wrote this:
It’s honest. He is my home and we might just be friends, nothing more. But my heart is where he is.

More poems on instagram @khroniklesofk –> link on the right column.

Flashes & Bright Lights


You forced yourself into my life,
And made a home in my heart.
I wasn’t graceful either,
Just tumbling down the rabbit hole.
Now that you are staying,
We have our moments of push and pull.
It’s what we’ve been doing since go,
Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.
The distance might be hurtful,
But it’s so perfect for this twisted love.
It makes the moments of anger, flashes;
with forgiveness quick to follow.
And out of the burnt ruins,
comes bright lights that won’t give up.
Rays that never fail to lead me,
straight home, into your arms.

Why I wrote this:
It’s mentally stressful, but this friendship is worth all the ruins of Pompeii.

Farewell; Hello


For me, the most terrifying yet happiest place is an airport. Don’t you think so? Airports have this mix of deep melancholia, nervous anticipation and unparalleled joy. A mix you rarely find anywhere else.


Although I feel like I have nomadic blood, I’m still a nervous flyer, but airports; they fill me like a churning pot of emotions.

When I depart I’m filled with guilt of leaving those I love behind, with the fear of the possibility of never seeing them again, with so much love that I sometimes want to turn around and go back to them, with sadness that you might never see the places that you have fallen in love with, with a melancholy that you realize that from now its only memories that with keep you looking forward. I have this frantic anxiety to call everyone and tell them I love them and that I’ll miss them so that if the worst does come, my last words were sweet. I’m such a romantic; unfortunately.

But as soon as I land and am safe, I am in awe. I am the silent observer of a romantic ruckus where anxious family members or friends catch sight of their loved ones coming through the doors. For a split second they breathe a sigh of relief, whisper a grateful prayer and make a mad dash to hug, kiss and smother the person with words until they tire. Until it’s my turn. I send messages saying I reached safely and while the excitement builds in me slowly, I just absorb my new surroundings. Then it hits me with full force. I want to know what the doors open up to, what places will carve memories in my mind and who I will carry on.

There is nothing like coming home, but there is nothing like flying free either. There is a certain charm in coming back home to the familiar, but there is that unmatched love that comes with walking into the unknown.

Airports. A place that’s almost like second nature. A place where you see heart-wrenching goodbyes and heart-warming welcomes.

Many Little Pieces


Oh gentle waves, that wash upon the shore!
I wish you would take away
the pain, the hurt and the anger.
But why don’t you?
Nothing seems to help.
My senses betray me, torture me,
haunt my very existence.
Time is ticking by,
but my life seems so stagnant.
I want you out, forever.
Never again.
The person I used to be,
where is she now?

Oh mighty waves, hear my prayer!
Wash away my sins,
and allow me the glory to start afresh.
Purify my heart.
Let me build myself a grand future,
instead of dwelling in the past.
I want to feel the breeze in my hair
and the scent of vitality in my soul.
So please, wash away my mistakes,
allow me to dance with the wind.
Mend these broken pieces and
bring back that perfect little girl,
home to stay.