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And we shall ignore
our fragile broken hearts
so that the people
we love continue to be happy;
because sometimes
it is us
that they need
protection from.

Piece of Comfort


It was never your love that I needed,
it was your presence.
That’s where I blossomed,
my own selfish piece of comfort.

I wish I could say that I was caught up
in a fairy tale whirlwind to
not see this coming.
But I wasn’t and I did.

I’m disappointed,
I had hoped for more.
It’s expectation that is always,
undoubtedly the heartbreaker.

Spectrum of Tears


My eyes are crying a devils river,
down my cheeks,
soaking my t-shirt.
Never has there been a month
like this before,
an insane whirlwind of emotions.

It started with heartbreak,
moving on to hope and ease,
ending with dreams coming true.


Why I wrote this:
Well I ended my 3 year crush obsession whateveryoumaycallit, I came home after 6 months and I got my first job contract! It’s been an emotional month!

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She’s drowning yet
I can’t save her from her sorrow
I have to accept that it’s her choice.
We’ve all been through this;
a heartbreak that leaves your life
in pieces.

I’ve gotten through,
So have you,
Let’s just hope she makes it too.

Why I wrote this:
Going through your first break-up is shattering. You get over it, you need time. Lots of it.



It’s easy to get lost,
in this world of technology,
where human interaction
is weakened day by day.

It’s easy to get lost,
in the bigger picture,
mostly you can’t see it
consumed in drama.

It’s easy to get lost,
in your whirlwind emotions,
hormones on a roller coaster
having a good time.

But you find your way back,
you make that connection,
you see the bigger picture,
you get off the ride.

It all makes sense now,
We are the same,
but there is mistrust and
broken understanding.

It won’t change today,
like it never has.
And that in itself
is enough to say goodbye.

Rainbow of Lies


You mean nothing to me,
You never were the ultimate love of my life.
I don’t think about you at all,
I don’t even have floods of memories.
You didn’t change me with your words,
You couldn’t even with your blinding stares.
I accept your silence,
I go on albeit your distance.
You have no strength to break my heart,
You without the courage to love.
I embrace your demons,
I wish you tormenting nightmares.
You are everything ordinary,
You have no power over farewells.