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2017 – Welcome


Dear World,

2017 could not have come any sooner. 2016 ahhh, was not a year of firsts anymore. It was a year that I wanted over from the moment it started and now it’s gone. Thank the heavens for that!

2016 was a year that I traveled outside the UK into Europe and Africa for the first time ever. Those were exciting days. I soaked myself in those moments, but deep down, my heart was in a dark place. My heart remained in a dark place and dragged my head down with it. Every time I took a breath out a small part of my soul left with it. So last year, I had no power to stop myself, I just let myself grieve. And I must say that I’m so very very grateful for my friends, new and old – my family that keeps growing; for pulling me through. It was a year where I had to make a difficult career choice so that I could go on to achieve my 5 year goals.
It was also a year where some of the loveliest couples I knew got married, and I wish them a world of happiness through all the hardship they took to get there. I couldn’t be more excited for you!

I’m ready for this year. To get on with things head strong, to travel with my heart free, to look forward instead of looking back, to focusing on what is instead of what if. The year I can finally begin again, awaken my dead bones, and restart my heartbeat. I hope this year will be our saving grace where we get in touch with ourselves and regain our humanity. Let us not forget those who need us, stuck in situations beyond their control, in poverty and war-striken regions around the world. May we all hope to make a small difference in our lifetimes.

I shall leave you with that and some lovely words from Ms Leav.

With love, always,




Fresh mountain air.
Tainted desert sands.

Eyes that hide secrets.
A smile that ignites fire.

Words so constant.
Actions of the subtlest nature.
I-miss-you never aloud.

You waited.
I waited.

Lace against body.
Sweet chemical combustion.
Triggers perspiration.

Heart in shards.
Thousand glittering pieces.

Ghosts of my mind.
Haunting breaths.
Passion slow to diffuse.

Take me back.
Be my lover and my demon.
Don’t leave me like this.

Holding my breath.

Where the magic at?


I’ve got my heart
in pieces
scattered like fairy dust,
yet here I am
still searching
for magic to heal,
for somewhere to call

Why I wrote this:
You can give your heart and pieces of yourself to others to help put themselves together, but you still need a place or person to call home to help you heal. In the end, you are human as well.

Sacrifices & Dreams


There is a certain
charm, serenity and comfort
being at home.
It is indeed a blessing
to be around ‘family’
when your heart is speechless.

I’m humbled by the sacrifices
my parents have made
for my future woven of dreams.


Why I wrote this:
I love my parents and yes all these things, but I can’t stay at home for too long. I miss my freedom. But really this time, I am ashamed at me running away from them, for it always has been them who have stood up for me, you have sacrificed for me, who have pushed for me, and I have no right to not be humbled next to them.

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My eyes are tired holding onto those unshed tears.
My life in shambles since hope left after all these years.
My heart is broken and heavy but it’s void of fears.

I’m no longer chained, I’ve gotten my answer.
Now it’s just me, I’ve started walking away from the cancer.


Why I wrote this:
He said we were only friends and then he left for home. I cried, but I’ve started walking.

More poems on instagram @khroniklesofk –> link on the right column.



The end is near;
tomorrow you’ll be gone,
back to the land we call home.
As much as I didn’t want you here;
let’s be honest,
you are always home to me.

You are where my heart is dear;
I’ll miss it when it’s gone.
And you too.


Why I wrote this:
It’s honest. He is my home and we might just be friends, nothing more. But my heart is where he is.

More poems on instagram @khroniklesofk –> link on the right column.



Up against the wall,
I’ve got no place to run.
Your hands on my neck,
warm lips on mine.
My hand on your chest,
feeling your heart beat faster.

“I love you too, always have.”
That’s when I hear the crack
of my frozen heart, thawing.

 Why I wrote this:
Random dreamy epiphany. Nothing more.

More poems on instagram @khroniklesofk –> link on the right column.

Wedding Night


Your piercing gaze captures my eyes
I’m too lost in them to look away.
Your fingers tease my dress buttons
Soon I’m down to foreplay.
I watch you undress yourself
Caught between curiosity and shame.
Your kisses, not on my lips,
On my neck, my chest, whispering my name.
I can’t not give in, it’s been a dream too long,
The sheets below me, you on top.
Your hungry lips crushing mine,
Swallowing my moans to never stop.

Wait, let me put my heart on the dresser,
tonight, it is our bodies overflowing with lust.
Tomorrow we can start our journey,
Of husband and wife, of trust.

Why I wrote this:
Thought I’d try my hand at erotic poetry that has been going, but I just couldn’t. I don’t advocate for one night stands, friends with benefits or anything of the sort.



There was never any hesitation in the choices I made for you
in the depth of my mind
in the chambers of my heart
in the corners of my soul.
Yet I’m terrified, the butterflies are overshadowed by the fear of
being hurt by your words
being stranded by your actions
being unloved by your defiant heart.
In the reality of ghosts that haunt your past, present and future,
my eyes shall sparkle in your presence
my lips shall continue the silence
my hands shall continue to honor your memory.

Why I wrote this:
Some of the greatest love stories were not because they loved out loud.