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Where the magic at?


I’ve got my heart
in pieces
scattered like fairy dust,
yet here I am
still searching
for magic to heal,
for somewhere to call

Why I wrote this:
You can give your heart and pieces of yourself to others to help put themselves together, but you still need a place or person to call home to help you heal. In the end, you are human as well.

Please Let Me


I want to pull you in closer,
closer than my heartbeat.
So why won’t you let me?

I want to take you to my favorite place,
watch the sunrise and sunset.
Will you come with me?

I want to kiss you so hard,
that you are gasping for breath.
Please let me.

I want to breathe you in,
and be free.
Will you lose control with me?

I want a ring around my finger,
a symbol of forever.
Are you the one for me?

I want to take you out dancing,
and love you on the dance floor.
Please let me.

I want to see you cry bitter tears because of me,
so that I can heal all your wounds.
Will you still love me?

I want to hold your hand so tight,
so that you know I won’t let go till you do.
When will you free me?

I want to dream of you,
tonight and every night.
Please let me.