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Curious Destruction


And while you are a thirsty tornado
on the verge of wrecking
my heart,
You should know it’s merely a beauty
because it fell in love with
your disaster path.

Why I wrote this:
In response to a close friend sending me one those photo quotes – it’s in my January low-down. 😉



hate no one


Today is my best friends birthday! And this is the closest description of the type of person he is and encourages others to be. May he always have the best life that Allah has to give him in this world and in the hereafter. Happy birthday B!



Caress the fullness of my lips
with your kisses,
take me away from this
world of horrors.

Fill the hollow of my neck
with your breath,
bittersweet everythings.

Embrace the small of my back
with your arms,
bring me closer to your
steady heartbeat.

Drown me in
your scent
your voice
your universe.
I’m in love with you.

Stop looking at me
with your lusty eyes.
Pick up the phone
give me a f*cking call!

The Twist In The Road


Though I’ve hated you at times for leaving me alone,
I love you for letting me have this chance to miss you.

To appreciate all those small, silent things that you are
and understand that even through the fights, we belong together.

To realize that even though I think I want to be away,
my heart yearns not to be.

You inspire me to be
and breathe life into my existence,
and I hope that I give you even
a small something in comparison to that.

I love you and have missed you way too much
for even all the love songs to be enough to say it all.

And if I could I would call you every opportunity
just to hear you call me yours and let my heart do a happy dance.

This room feels so lifeless without your presence,
so come back and fill it with your love and silence.