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Lead The Way


From kindergarten all through university and even beyond we have leaders. Our class monitors, prefects, bosses and even our older siblings and cousins. But the question is, are they leading us in the right direction? Are they showing the best sides of them or is the power affecting their judgment?

As vague as I can remember, I particularly loved the heads and prefects at my elementary school. They were hard working, studious and especially kind. Maybe it was because I didn’t understand politics at that time, but I knew then that I wanted to be just like them one day. Leading!

The more I grew up and changed school, I began to understand lots of things about leadership and I witnessed different types of leaders – the arrogant ones, the kind ones, the casual ones, the strict ones, the understanding ones, the reliable ones and the selfish ones.

That never deterred me from my dream of one day being a leader. The kind, selfless ones really pushed me forward and the wonderful experience I got from them in my younger years gave me the courage to stand strong and do the best I can for myself and those around me.

However at one point in time, I was faced with leaders I detested. I didn’t agree with their ideas or their enforcement of the school law. It was a terrible period in my school years. They were ruthless and had no compassion for those below them. Their word was law. That didn’t settle well with me. And I definitely gave them hell for it.

Moving on from there, I was once again faced with leaders who were flexible and compassionate. Who understood student needs. I thrived there like all my classmates and collage-mates. Every activity those leaders undertook had an immensely positive response, it was mind blowing.

Now, while I go through university and we are a diverse bunch, I must say, who have gone through several leaders and I must say, it’s been an awful affair from day one itself. It’s all about politics now. The sad truth is every leader should play some politics else he won’t survive long. Something I failed to learn a long time ago.

Leaders have many hurdles to go through before they are deemed fit, but some leaders put themselves in that position of power with only thoughts of their benefits without any thought about those they have to lead. It’s the end of the story as long as they are satisfied.

But if you are going to be a leader, don’t choose to be a leader like that. Be strong. Be true to yourself and those around you who look up to you and who need your help and guidance. Yes, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone, but you will always know in your heart what the difference is between right and wrong.

If you want to be at the top for the sake of spite, it’s rather better you don’t. You will most definitely not have an easy time at the top. However, if you want to be a leader to help others, to take initiative to make some changes, then go for it. The journey will be hard but it will be worth it to make your dreams come true.

Being a leader can be a wonderful thing. It can change your life if you let it. It can open your eyes to the simple joys and the painful plight of others. It will make you stronger for the entire burden you will have to carry. It will make you successful in whatever you chose to do in the future.

Not everyone is born with these leadership qualities but some people can develop it with the right sort of encouragement and guidance from their leaders. Not all leaders are born leaders, some leaders are made.

It’s not a game. It’s not all politics. It’s not all happiness or stress-free. If you do your part well, you will always hold a special place in the hearts of all those you have helped personally, academically, socially or otherwise. I know it’s true because I look back fondly at those who were with me through my difficult times.

You don’t always need to be labeled a leader to be one. Sometimes, those around you make you one. They come to you at times of need and they know that they can rely on you. You are the first person they can turn to and trust for guidance. It’s truly a wonderful feeling.

Strive to be a leader. A great one! It takes just one person to change the world, be that person. It will be worth every minute!!! Be charitable with your heart and mind. Remember that only the person who gives out love gets love in return.



There are times in life where we feel we are all alone. That the only people we can turn to for help and support are ourselves. When have done something terribly wrong that we can’t undo, or fallen into something bad that we can’t get ourselves out of, or even need something desperately to change our lives forever.

It’s during these times at you should believe that there is someone bigger, and higher, and better out there looking out for you. Life has always let us down at some point or the other, and it’s difficult during these times to believe, because we always wonder why it is happening to us. But I always think that it could have been much worse than it already is. That helps a lot.

There are many times in my life where I’ve undergone rough patches, and thought that my world was going to come crashing down on me, however, I’m still alive, and I’ve passed it through. At times, I look back, and think how silly and small those situations were. I smile that I was strong enough to overcome them, and believe in that higher being.

Sure science explains evolution and how we came to be, it’s actually quite a convincing. But there are still so many questions that science has yet to answer, these questions even baffle researchers. This world and our existence is wonderful, intriguing and amazing, if you look closely enough you will see it too.

I can’t tell you why there are poor, or why there are people suffering all over the world, I don’t think anyone can. I have a few theories though. Maybe it’s to make us grateful? Or maybe it’s to instill in us some humanity? Or just maybe it’s to see how far we can go to help those around us with what we have?

As any religion or quote says, it is easy to have pray and believe during the bad times. But have you ever given thanks for the good times? I have read that He sends us trials for many reasons, and the reason which I find the most satisfying is the one where they say that He gives us trials to guide us back to Him and bring us back on the correct track, which is personally wonderful.

Those that believe through their heart and very being come across lesser calamities than those that don’t. They are more grateful, and God wants us to be grateful. Truly, what reason do we not have to be grateful? We may not always get what we want, but we always have what we need. For that, it is enough to be thankful.

Some of us only pray at times of need, and at least it is something, and there is always two outcomes of this result. We get what we are praying for, materialistic or otherwise, and when we do get it, do we thank God for it, or just forget? Or we don’t get it, no matter how hard we are praying, and we start to lose faith, but we never stop to think that maybe God knows better?

Anyway, I am not here to lecture you about believing. That is entirely up to you. I’m just here to share my side of the story. I wouldn’t say that I’m a great follower, but I try. There have been times that I too have thought that God wasn’t on my side, but there have also been times where I have believed enough to see more, to see what it’s truly meant to be. And I’m pleased that I saw.

God is mysterious. God is forgiving. He always gives us chances and small reminders that he is there and for us to come back to Him. He hasn’t forgotten about you, even if you have forgotten about Him. God is loving, and is equally loving. I doubt any of us really want to go to a bad place when we leave this world, so why don’t we sow our deeds now? Is it really that hard?

When I say that God is always there for us, and you are still wondering how, I will tell you. He is there in the wisdom your parents or friends give you. He’s in the comfort that you find when you see something beautiful. He’s even there in the stranger that saved your life, or guided you when you were on the wrong path. He’s that angel at the time that you most need one.

He takes different shapes, and comes into your life silently. And for everything He does, all He asks for is thanks and remembrance. He comes in good, and He comes in bad. So, for every good thing that has happened in your life, be thankful. And for every bad thing that has happened, be equally thankful, because God thinks you are worthy, and wants you closer to Him.

Believing isn’t only for the old. Prayer is for all ages, and so is faith. It doesn’t hurt to say a quick thanks for waking up every morning, nor does it before a meal. Neither does it take long to pray for a safe journey every time you leave home, or be thankful that you got back safe. God doesn’t want every minute of your time. He just wants a little, for which He will give you a lot.

She Will Be Loved


I miss her. I miss her so much. I think we all miss her.

So, I haven’t seen her in a while. I guess I will just have to live with all the memories that I have of her, and all that I knew about her. I would like to think that she did live a happy life even through all the tough times and the loss of her loved ones; that she had all that she wanted, and gave all that she could. She did have her vices, but then who doesn’t? But she gave, and gave, and gave.

In my opinion of her, I would say that she was a woman stuck in the middle of her generation and the next. Sure she didn’t know how to operate some of those wonderful, make-life-easy gadgets we love so much in the kitchen, but she was ‘hip’ enough to listen to music and sing along in that melodious voice though a walkman, and ‘hop’ enough to dress fashionably enough for me not to be embarrassed walking in the street with her.

She always stuck up for herself, and for her family – loved us all in her own way, spoiling us and guiding us in small ways. Guess mom gets that from her. She looked after all her children until the very end. Made sure that they were all doing well, and somehow settled. And us too, saw all of us at our prime, and the most important of us, doing well, setting a bright example to those that follow behind.

I don’t know what others would say about her, but I hope most of it is good. She was caring, and she always smiled. Always. I remember, she used to tell me every time I tried to get her to try something new – Old is GOLD. I always used to laugh at that. She was always telling me jokes, and about her friends. I always laughed at her friends – the meat man, the fish man, the bread man, the shop man. Guess she was always kind to them.

I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t get to spend much time with her, and that I used to dislike her when I was younger, because she would never let me be lazy over my holidays. She would always find work for me to do. I have to thank her for that now. I’m always on the run, and getting myself into things to benefit my future. I just can’t sit in one place for more than an hour I’d say. She always kept herself busy too.

What else is there to say? I’m a bit sad that I wasn’t there to tell her goodbye. Is it a coincidence that all her children managed to make it home in time to say their farewells? I definitely don’t think so. It’s tough being far away when a loved one has departed and you can’t go to pay your last respects. It’s even worse when you can’t be with your family, and be strong for them. I wish I could be there.

I hope she knows how much we all love her, and loved her, and how much we are going to miss her. We are still young. She is never going to be with us physically for any of our graduations, for any of our weddings, for the birth of any of our children, for any milestones. She will be with us in our heart. She won’t be forgotten. She has woven herself into our lives, slowly and steadily. Placed happy thoughts in our memories.

And that is how she will live on, through memories. In the things we see, in the things we do, in the people we are. At occasions, when we have all gathered, and someone brings her name up, and our mind wanders to thoughts of her which we have kept safe in corners of our heart bringing up mixed emotions. She will watch over us from above, she will continue guiding us in her way.

So all I want to say this time is let the people you love know that you love them. How much they mean to you, for though life may not always be short, sometimes the time we share with each other might be. Never leave with an angry feeling especially when you live far away. Always try to let them know that you care as often as possible, and cherish all the time you’ve spent together, good or bad.

Once loved ones have left this world, they will never come back again. And though it hurts at first, the pain will subside, and life will go on. She was loved, and she will continue being loved by her family, her friends, and all those lives she touched by just being who she is. She was wonderful, everything anyone would want from a grandmother, without overly spoiling you. May she rest in peace and God grant her paradise.

I miss her. I miss her so much. I think we all miss her.