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While we are still learning
new things about each other,
somewhere there is
this strange depth.

Where she understands
the wreck my heart is in,
and hates like it is
her own personal pain.

Where she is
slowly doing what she can
to make each beat
a little bit more bearable.

Resolutions 101


Lists. Lists. Lists. Here goes!

  1. Be more grateful towards my family
  2. Pray on time
  3. Learn to be patient
  4. Be a better friend and keep in touch often
  5. Smile more
  6. Travel to a new place
  7. Take pictures/paint/learn to play a new song/learn a new dance move
  8. Give someone a chance
  9. Learn to use these “girly” charms
  10. Midnight kiss on NYE!

Have a wonderful year. See you in 2014…