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It’s easy to get lost,
in this world of technology,
where human interaction
is weakened day by day.

It’s easy to get lost,
in the bigger picture,
mostly you can’t see it
consumed in drama.

It’s easy to get lost,
in your whirlwind emotions,
hormones on a roller coaster
having a good time.

But you find your way back,
you make that connection,
you see the bigger picture,
you get off the ride.

It all makes sense now,
We are the same,
but there is mistrust and
broken understanding.

It won’t change today,
like it never has.
And that in itself
is enough to say goodbye.

Farewell; Hello


For me, the most terrifying yet happiest place is an airport. Don’t you think so? Airports have this mix of deep melancholia, nervous anticipation and unparalleled joy. A mix you rarely find anywhere else.


Although I feel like I have nomadic blood, I’m still a nervous flyer, but airports; they fill me like a churning pot of emotions.

When I depart I’m filled with guilt of leaving those I love behind, with the fear of the possibility of never seeing them again, with so much love that I sometimes want to turn around and go back to them, with sadness that you might never see the places that you have fallen in love with, with a melancholy that you realize that from now its only memories that with keep you looking forward. I have this frantic anxiety to call everyone and tell them I love them and that I’ll miss them so that if the worst does come, my last words were sweet. I’m such a romantic; unfortunately.

But as soon as I land and am safe, I am in awe. I am the silent observer of a romantic ruckus where anxious family members or friends catch sight of their loved ones coming through the doors. For a split second they breathe a sigh of relief, whisper a grateful prayer and make a mad dash to hug, kiss and smother the person with words until they tire. Until it’s my turn. I send messages saying I reached safely and while the excitement builds in me slowly, I just absorb my new surroundings. Then it hits me with full force. I want to know what the doors open up to, what places will carve memories in my mind and who I will carry on.

There is nothing like coming home, but there is nothing like flying free either. There is a certain charm in coming back home to the familiar, but there is that unmatched love that comes with walking into the unknown.

Airports. A place that’s almost like second nature. A place where you see heart-wrenching goodbyes and heart-warming welcomes.



I was beautiful,
I am not anymore.
My flowers are wilting,
and my trees are dying.
My breath is polluted.

Darkness is taking over,
spreading its virus through the human race.
They have this exceptional ability,
to destroy my livelihood.
Love, happiness, smiles and hugs.

I look around, all I see are,
tears, frowns, and blood thirsty anger.
Enough to crush me,
crush me slowly and painfully.
Too harsh to even try and recover.

I hate to see this happening,
but I realize it’s a pointless war.
I’m too tired.
I’m just going to let it overwhelm me.
Good bye!

No One Cared


She sat at the bottom of the staircase, alone;
her face hollow, her eyes swollen with unborn tears,
waiting, ever so patiently to rush out like a raging river.
The anger within, surging beyond
her control, was ripping her
like a tiger and his prey.
No one saw her, no one cared.

Helpless, with no comforting shoulder,
the pain inside was so strong, so controlling,
killing her instead of making her stronger.
She was scared and invisible,
crying out to the world,
but not a soul heard her.
No one reached out, no one cared.

So tired, she let out her tears,
and they flooded the floor,
but the pain still remained
like a flame out of control.
Her anger lashed out
as she destroyed all in her path,
yet still,
No one bothered, no one cared.

So pained, she gave up hope,
and ever so slowly she faded away.
As they buried her in the valley
where the sun doesn’t rise,
no one came to say their last goodbyes.
And even after she was dead and gone
No one cared for the departed one.