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April 2015


April is a tricky month. Let’s start with April Fools – definitely the highlight was Miss Kayes’ mom fool on her daughter. Still cracks me up!

lionessI got a random FB message from an old Malaysian friend from college saying that he went through all my poetry pieces and encouraged me to keep writing – honestly, those sort of praises don’t come every day. Not that that is the reason that I write, but it was just nice I guess.

DSC01787 (1280x905)Headed to Dxb with mather (ie mother) and we went flea market shopping – it was insane. I love treasures from other peoples closets. I got myself 4 funky tops for such a throw away price. Then I met up with the skinny Mona and her Komal and there was a Komel meet Komal situation which I find so much joy in, but that’s just me. We said bye bye to Mona darling and her Komal, and ran to the Dubai Poetry Slam – got to watch Abdulnassir perform his “Beyonce” piece, but the killer was definitely Afrah Ateeq! We also did a Hummingbirds vs Magnolia cupcake analysis, Magnolia won. But I’m thinking of giving the original Hummingbirds in London another try when I’m in town.

“Why is it so difficult to live honestly with the person you love?
This world is a bureaucratic mess.”
This was a comment on HONY – facebook

warmestI found a video that highlights Seattles rain art – that’s going on my #bucketlist 🙂

The pleasant, earthly smell on earth after the rain is called Petrichor. I love that smell and I’m glad to have found the right word.

My parents celebrated their 30th (pearl) wedding anniversary. That’s a long time. God bless them and may He make the rest of their days easy.

Checked out the Third Place Cafe. It was fun. I’ve definitely missed Orange Chocolate drinks, and got my fix there. Reasonably quaint place! I’d go again with cafe appropriate people.

I took some Jummah (friday prayer) photographs focusing on children. This is my favorite one. He can’t be more than 10 years old, but his urgency in his rush to prayer – it just caught my heart.

DSC01767 (907x1280)

Finished my #singlepringlecollection of 10 poems. Some weren’t as great as I had hoped.

People break their promises all the time, sometimes out of ill-will, and sometimes simply out of their fragile humanness. It is only Allah whose promises are never broken and whose promises are eternal. He promises us forever – on the condition that we fight against our fragility and selfishness to uphold our promise to Him too.
“So be patient, Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth.” (30:60)

Did you know that chimichangas is a real thing?! I’m trying those out one day!

I finally finally got my sponsorship papers. Now it’s visa time (Getting excited again)…

Dragged dad along with me to Al Muneera to get authentic Sicilian cannolis. I was not disappointed. Yes to cheese always. I also snuck in a few sunset photographs as you can see.

DSC01845 (1280x842) (1280x842)

Passed my BLS for the 2nd time – woot woot. Also gained a massive bruise from it and muscle ache, so please, nobody die on me.

bestGot asked for my ID – apparently I don’t look over 21! -.-

Z visited and we walked endlessly in the sun, discovered a white sandy beach. So beautiful.

No earthquake can shake your hearts – Solidarity for Nepal
That’s where I want to be, helping, putting my hands and heart to use!

I tripped to Alain. Went to sweet palace and got a lil crazy with all the things they have – bought so much goodies.

This month I went on a bit of a baking spree. I made mint chocolate brownies, chocolate cassata cake, strawberry angel cake and pumpkin granola muffins which all turned out surprisingly well. Oh! and lots of pancakes.


I also finally finished reading Lang Leav’s Lullabies and here are a few excerpts from it that I loved immensely:

  •  What I will tell you is this; it’s okay to be hurting as much as you are. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary – because it makes you so much more human. And though I can’t promise it will get better anytime soon, I can tell you that it will – eventually.
  • Our love – a dead star;
    to the world it burns brightly
    But it died long ago
  • She learned too late that poets are among the damned, cursed to commiserate over their loss, to reach with outstretched hands.
  • The thoughts we each keep
    that are closest to heart
    we think as we sleep –
    and you’re always my last.
  • We’re kids, aren’t we?
    Yes, kids with grown up powers.



There are times in life where we feel we are all alone. That the only people we can turn to for help and support are ourselves. When have done something terribly wrong that we can’t undo, or fallen into something bad that we can’t get ourselves out of, or even need something desperately to change our lives forever.

It’s during these times at you should believe that there is someone bigger, and higher, and better out there looking out for you. Life has always let us down at some point or the other, and it’s difficult during these times to believe, because we always wonder why it is happening to us. But I always think that it could have been much worse than it already is. That helps a lot.

There are many times in my life where I’ve undergone rough patches, and thought that my world was going to come crashing down on me, however, I’m still alive, and I’ve passed it through. At times, I look back, and think how silly and small those situations were. I smile that I was strong enough to overcome them, and believe in that higher being.

Sure science explains evolution and how we came to be, it’s actually quite a convincing. But there are still so many questions that science has yet to answer, these questions even baffle researchers. This world and our existence is wonderful, intriguing and amazing, if you look closely enough you will see it too.

I can’t tell you why there are poor, or why there are people suffering all over the world, I don’t think anyone can. I have a few theories though. Maybe it’s to make us grateful? Or maybe it’s to instill in us some humanity? Or just maybe it’s to see how far we can go to help those around us with what we have?

As any religion or quote says, it is easy to have pray and believe during the bad times. But have you ever given thanks for the good times? I have read that He sends us trials for many reasons, and the reason which I find the most satisfying is the one where they say that He gives us trials to guide us back to Him and bring us back on the correct track, which is personally wonderful.

Those that believe through their heart and very being come across lesser calamities than those that don’t. They are more grateful, and God wants us to be grateful. Truly, what reason do we not have to be grateful? We may not always get what we want, but we always have what we need. For that, it is enough to be thankful.

Some of us only pray at times of need, and at least it is something, and there is always two outcomes of this result. We get what we are praying for, materialistic or otherwise, and when we do get it, do we thank God for it, or just forget? Or we don’t get it, no matter how hard we are praying, and we start to lose faith, but we never stop to think that maybe God knows better?

Anyway, I am not here to lecture you about believing. That is entirely up to you. I’m just here to share my side of the story. I wouldn’t say that I’m a great follower, but I try. There have been times that I too have thought that God wasn’t on my side, but there have also been times where I have believed enough to see more, to see what it’s truly meant to be. And I’m pleased that I saw.

God is mysterious. God is forgiving. He always gives us chances and small reminders that he is there and for us to come back to Him. He hasn’t forgotten about you, even if you have forgotten about Him. God is loving, and is equally loving. I doubt any of us really want to go to a bad place when we leave this world, so why don’t we sow our deeds now? Is it really that hard?

When I say that God is always there for us, and you are still wondering how, I will tell you. He is there in the wisdom your parents or friends give you. He’s in the comfort that you find when you see something beautiful. He’s even there in the stranger that saved your life, or guided you when you were on the wrong path. He’s that angel at the time that you most need one.

He takes different shapes, and comes into your life silently. And for everything He does, all He asks for is thanks and remembrance. He comes in good, and He comes in bad. So, for every good thing that has happened in your life, be thankful. And for every bad thing that has happened, be equally thankful, because God thinks you are worthy, and wants you closer to Him.

Believing isn’t only for the old. Prayer is for all ages, and so is faith. It doesn’t hurt to say a quick thanks for waking up every morning, nor does it before a meal. Neither does it take long to pray for a safe journey every time you leave home, or be thankful that you got back safe. God doesn’t want every minute of your time. He just wants a little, for which He will give you a lot.

For Today…


Many people are so ungrateful. They dont see life as the beautiful thing that it is. They dont realize that somethings are only worth it if effort is given to getting it. They dont see the silver lining in the dark clouds, nor do they understand that its only possible to see a rainbow after the rain. They dont enjoy the pleasure of smiles and laughter. They dont see the beauty in the flowers and the trees. They dont hear the beauty of the birds.

God gives us alot of things, but he doesnt place them in our laps. He sends his blessings through our surroundings, but its only upto ourselves to take them in and be blessed. He sends us guides everyday, but it is upto us to see them. He sends us love everyday, but its upto us to receive it. God is smart, we should be too. Why dont people want to live their life?! Why do they choose to see the negative instead of the positive? Why arent they happy with what they have? Why do they want more? Why dont they understand that life doesnt work that way? Why do people want to dwell in self pity, instead of make a better life for themselves? Life gives you exactly what you give it. It doesnt give if you only take. So give people, but dont expect immediate results. Wait. Be patient. Life will give it to you at the exact moment you least expect it. If you give it happiness, it will give you a smile in all you sense. But if you refuse to give it happiness, and isolate yourself, life will give you exactly that in return. Be happy people. Take the little things and make them huge, because they are the ones that make all the difference between a bad day and a good day. Im not saying that I too dont have my bad days, I do. But I believe that tomorrow it will be better, and it always is. Dont think for the future. I thank God on my bad days for giving me all the trials in one day so that I can enjoy the rest of the month. Think for today. Live for today. Smile for today.