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I Wish


The air is filled with all my neurosis
at losing the people most precious.
These demons just won’t let it rest,
whispering to the right, again on the left.
The dates have changed with time
since way back in twenty-oh-nine.
But how can I forget as time flies by?
It’s another year without them alive.
The people who made me feel so much life,
like strangers fading away without a fight.
I can’t keep losing them like this,
let me not be attached – I wish.
Having said that,
can I please have them all back?

In the End


With years of friendship on the line
and the dance of personal demons…
it was a lot more pushing
in the wrong direction,
than pulling to the right.

It is all over now!
But I am begging you please,
hold me in your heart a little longer,
ask God to keep me safe…
Don’t forget me tonight.