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March 2015


There is something beautiful about going to Al Ain. Maybe it’s the memories, maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s just like leaving the world behind and traveling to a place that hasn’t really changed at all. It’s always great to go to AAH – I’m sad I didn’t get to see as many people as I would have liked, but it’s alright. Of course getting pizza with Zaynab and just chilling with her and my broken shoe was definitely worth laughing over. I was super happy to see M. I have learnt that with the boys, distance means distance and if you want a place in their lives you had to be present – technology wasn’t helpful. I got KBs gift for me, she is such a doll – a photo of it is on my IG (Kace.07 — that’s my handle). M and I chilled in the car, we went to feed fish but they aren’t there anymore. I don’t know what happened to them, though I do hope they come back.

The next few days I was in DxB, trying to pack in as much like I usually do. We had chai – the 3 of us. And not the cheap kind. It was such a cute place. I can’t believe I’ve missed out on girlfriends for such a huge part of my life – and I like how we talk about our lives and not so much boys and gossip.

DSC01658 (1280x905)

Then a few days with MissKayes, we tried out Biella. The food was not too bad to be honest – but aunty is a great cook. I’d eat her food any day. Here’s hoping her daughter gets her cooking skills at some point. On the last and final day, chilled out with NQB – always so much fun. Went out to JBR for the 3D art fest which was awesome, it even had a magic carpet! I played the devils advocate and we had cake for lunch – from Magnolia, no less. Then back to see Kayes for the Emirates Airline Literary Fest all the way in Festival City which is literally (excuse my play of words here) at the other end of Dubai. Once that was over, we tried to maybe grab a bite at Hard Rock Cafe – but had to wait to be seated, so we ended up at Cafe Bateel. Too pricey, definitely nothing special. I’m not going there again, nor am I suggesting it to anyone.

Somewhere along the course of a week – I met up with my anime nut as well as the boys. He has become fat. We had an interesting fat conversation along the corniche and back. As for the latter 2, it’s not in my best interest to meet the both of them together. It’s pointless and idle chat, I don’t like to indulge. They wanted to go to P.F.Changs – I know their taste and though I advised against it, they wouldn’t listen. We went, I watched them squirm and make faces – meh, I was happy with my tea, very happy with the pot it came in. Very unhappy that the cashews in the Kungpao chicken is now replaced with peanuts – or has it always been that way? Can’t really complain. It was a decent meal.

That weekend, my uncle came to visit me with a Dr. K cake. I’m still getting used to being called that. I think I’m delaying the great responsibility thing. I met NQB in Abu Dhabi this time after he was done babysitting his niece. We chilled at Caribou. Time flew. We took a left at a no-left turn sign. He will be the death of me. His girl is quite epic too. I can’t wait to meet her at some point. I’m so bummed I can’t make it for the wedding. InshAllah they will have the marriage we can only dream of these days. Pretty hectic weekend, we tried out this place, some Lobster place at Alwahda, it was brilliant. Oh man, perfection. I can’t really pick a better word.

imageFollowing that it’s been a lil busy with the Intl Poetry Fest happening and these guys – BLEW MY MIND! The next day I took mom as well – it was great. She loved it. I’m glad I was there to take her for it. I know she won’t go on her own. Among the readers was a special needs teacher and she did a poem in sign language which she followed with story about her student who recently got a cochlear implant and was now learning to speak. MashAllah – sometimes Allah does really touch you and inspire through different means. Internationally – I’m going to recommend anyone to watch Kane Smego slam his poem “X Chromosome” — it’s such a touching poem. Most of his are. Please when you get a chance, do go through his work. In the rush of all this was Mothers Day, so I dragged mom to Butlers chocolate cafe.

Somewhere in the middle of “spring break” I ventured down to the Galleria as they were doing this 101 smart phone photography course and since I’m absolutely useless at using my phone to take photos, thought I’d go for it. Nothing to lose right? It was crazy helpful and he gave me some really good ideas. Below is something I made at home and photographed at different angles, I liked this one the most. Let’s hope for some more.

I did take that, it’s homemade. But I’ll try and post some more photos from my phone and even from my camera soon, or in the next month. Sorry I haven’t really carried the camera around too much this month.

Deeps and I finished out 3000+ eMRCS question bank, so that’s one thing sorted. And that leaves April to be full-fledged note-making month.

An OpSmile volunteer I met on mission passed through Dubai, from Egypt on the way to India. Times are tough everywhere. As someone standing on the sidelines looking in, it does look strange, but he summarized his situation and I guess for him, this is his best option thus far. May Allah be with him.

This month also really tested my faith, my trust and my friendships. More on that separately.

Tunes for the month:
-Jess Glynne: Hold My Hand
-Michael Buble: Everything
-Jodhaa Akbar movie: Jashn E Bahaar
-Hollaphonics: Found You
-Glee: This Time
-One Republic: I Lived
-David Guetta: What I Did For Love