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Sugar & Milk


Uneasy feelings, knots that won’t undo.
A moment of fleeting angst,
breathing fire without a clue.

I need open fields filled with flowers.
Sun shine raining down,
peace please, exclude the lover!

Differences maybe plenty.
Music, talents, size and shape,
yet we love being twenty.

All tangled up in each other,
however, our mind to our own.
Day dreams fixated without thunder.

A mystical genius with her word,
wisdom beyond her age.
It’s her pen mightier than that sword.

Crazed shopaholic,
yet filled with crafty, traveling bones.
Her life can never be described as monochromic.

Tea without semi-skimmed milk or sugar,
at home with mom, please.
But she’s strong, and her tongue is a butcher.

I’m a mangled soul,
a verse for every moment in time.
Several oddly broken pieces of a whole.

Yet in open fields, in perfect weather,
it’s champagne bubbles and chocolate truffles,
it’s MP3 players and instagrammers,
all together.