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February 2015


DSC01348 (1280x851)Much ado about nothing – it was still a great trip to Brighton with K Jr, John-daughter and bro-man. Definitely for the food, and for this beautiful sunset moment. Shall recommend the galore of seafood. Pigged out like crazy! Finally UK meet-up with Zaynab before she headed back home. Quaint town that spells lanes as laines! Very amusing.


Next stop, was the much anticipated trip to Manchester to meet “chumma” who flew in all the way from Dublin. Got cheap and awesome coffee from Fatso’s. It’s great if you are looking for a caffeine kick while soaking up the sun. Met 2 other interesting gentlemen, to say the least. But walked about with “chumma” to see the beautiful Manchester Cathedral and then just chill-bonded at Las Iguanas (yes, it’s my all time fav place). Parted from the gentlemen and met up with Ahmed – hunted for ghost shisha places, DSC01375 (1280x851)until we finally hit the jackpot! The waiter was a doll!!! Rush to get to the airport and rush to get to the train, well worth the trip. Miss her!!!

Spent 1.5 days with pre-schoolers and had an absolute blast. I’d give for that again. Rice gave my heart some life back again. I almost didn’t want to leave him. </3


The next whirlwind of activity arrived and I collected him from the smallest airport ever – yes, he is baggage! (lol) Got chocolate 😀 And started our #4daysforsweettooths

  • Day1: Lola’s Cupcakes @Selfridges – Raspberry chocolate cake
  • Day2: Motown Desserts @Whitechapel – Cloud 9 and Pecan pie
  • Day3: Bakery @Harrods – Black velvet cake and Pecan pie
  • Day4: Urban Chocolatier @Whitechapel – Mugshot cookie dough and Cherry dark hot chocolate

Got shortlisted for 2 interviews the following week, both in unique locations, thankfully in the field I love! They were quite interesting, went smoothly and got offered both positions. Allah has been kind to me this month. Immensely!!! Started packing to get back home and last minute shopping, met a doll in the process. We, well I, finally went to have Sachertorte at Angel post-Valentine and Sri Lanka’s world cup disappointment drama. I think I built too much of a hype in my head around it. Off to Manchester to meet the lovely Ashley and chill out there, enjoy the rain and bipolar weather.

“Be watchful–the grace of God appears suddenly. It comes without warning to an open heart.” Jalal ad-Deen Rumi — An old friend posted that. I’m a huge Rumi fan, this one really hit home hard.

DSC01591 (1280x851)

Finally back home and the first call ever — from my girl Koms! She really is all about that damn BASS!!! I can’t wait to meet her, but first things first – chilling with my ancient home girls after what? 7 years I think. Such a blast, such crazy. Still learning new things, actually talking about serious yet rubbish topics. It was great to have them over! ❤ They actually had epic timing, witnessed a milestone moment (no, I didn’t miraculously grow taller).



Daddy’s birthday – brunching and lunching. Delish meat.. Meat, glorious meat!!! Happy tummy… It’s good to be home 🙂

Tunes for the month:
-If you haven’t heard the “Thinking Out Loud/ I’m Not The Only One” Mash-up by Sam Tsui and Casey Breves – YOU SHOULD!!!
-Ed Sheeran: Photograph
-Bastilles: Pompeii
-Hozier: Take Me To Church
-Ellie Goulding: Love Me Like You Do

Dear Diary…


Dear 28-year-old me,

Heyy, how you been doing? I’m sure you must be busy, but I hope you are taking time to do things that help you relax and be stress-free as well. Don’t ever forget how you felt when you were painting, reading, swimming or just dancing with loud music and the lights off.

I hope you are done studying (finally!) and have a job doing something that you love, whatever you set your mind to do, because that’s the only way you are going to change the world and be happy at the same time. I expect that whatever you chose is super interesting and challenges the hell out of you. Don’t forget to get some sleep in-between being awesome, you can always get up tomorrow and start again.

I trust that you got your fairytale ending. If you haven’t, get cracking, it’s high time! I hope he makes you happy, makes you feel like you come before him, always. I hope he buys you books instead of flowers for special occasions and makes you laugh every day. I hope he’s handsome, has good iman and guides you in the right path with every decision that he makes. I trust that he is dependable, any time of the day. I wish he helps around in the house and can make a few really delicious dishes, don’t misuse that privilege though. I hope his smile makes you fall in love with him all over again every time. And most of all, I hope that you both want the same things in life and keep that respect of one another even if temperatures run too high.

I wonder if you’ll have kids by now, but knowing mom, I’m sure you will. At least 1, if not 2. Don’t go more than 4, that’s pushing your luck. I expect they are beautiful and cheeky, I really wouldn’t expect anything else. Have patience with them, and lots of love. Introduce them to Allah as early as you can. He has been your savior, and will be theirs too. Don’t spoil them, that’s for others to do. Never hold back on loving them ever. Encourage them to be great, keep your vicious tongue in check around them. And I hope you don’t miss important milestones because you’ve been away at work. Remember that family always comes first, next to Allah.

I want to believe that by now you would have let go of all that anger you have inside you and focus on the good things in life – Allah, parents, spouse, children and friends. Don’t ever let go of those friends who have been with you and have picked you up and held your hand through times of sadness, stupidity and fear. I expect that you are much nicer currently, take better care of yourself as of those around you, and have much better iman. I sincerely pray you have learnt to drive more than a go-kart too.

One last thing, don’t let mom push you away. Even though she can be the worst kind of annoying, remember she gave up much for you and raised you to be better than her. What she says and what’s in her heart are two totally different things. Call her often. Take her advice. Send her little gifts. And don’t take NO for an answer. Be in touch with dad too. Make sure they always have enough money and surprise them with little vacations to different parts of the world whenever you can afford it. They have never said no to you, so don’t use it on them. Give them everything they need and more. Mostly, give them love.

Alright busy bee that I know you are. Be good. Smile more often and make sure the lines on your face are nothing but laugh lines. Remember that Allah will get you through it if he puts you in it. Have some faith. I have taken care of the fun part, now you take care of the grown-up part. Wear your hijab with pride.

I love you, oldie.

Your 22-year-old self 😀