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It is now
in this moment
that I am truly amazed
at how glorious
Allah really is.
The extent of His Power.

Verily, His command when He
intends a thing, is only that He says
to it “Be!” – and it is.


Why I wrote this:
Just when you are starting to worry and get discouraged, Allah swt sends a glimpse of His Power. Note = the last 3 lines are from the Quran, Surah Yaseen #36 verse 82.

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Shades of Perfect


I thought you were my support.
That I could fall apart in your arms.
Until I was ready to piece myself together.
But you weren’t, and all I was, was broken.

I thought you were my knight.
Yet you had no armor nor a horse.
You were perfect, then you weren’t.
My flaws were apparent and yours too.

I thought you always had the words.
Those right words to soothe my restless heart.
A rush of fire to my dwindling hope.
How wrong I was to believe so.

But I learnt, I couldn’t expect you to be perfect.
Just to understand my imperfections.
You are human, just as much as me.
We err.

To myself. To my creator.
I am perfect.
That is my peace.
My support.

He has the words to forever guide me.
Like He guides you.
I don’t need a knight when I have a King.
He is everything I always needed, I just didn’t see it then.