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The room is set ablaze
by the rays of sunshine streaming through
on this lazy afternoon,

yet I’m under the quilt
the blood coursing through my veins
cold almost lifeless

I miss your presence
your warmth and your strong heartbeat
your legs tangled up in mine,

there really is no point
in waking up and going about my day
if you aren’t a part of it.

Soul Mirrors


I know you are watching me,
You think I’m naive and unaware,
I see you sometimes so subtly,
From the corner of your eyes.

They follow me everywhere,
Those deep pools of dark cocoa,
Them that light up my sky,
And twinkle with love and lies.

Until they turn to black stones,
That’s when my heart turns cold,
And fear runs down my spine,
From the malice you can’t disguise.

Why I wrote this:
Those rear-view mirror moments.