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Taking Chances.


It’s hard to get over a betrayal, from family, friends or a loved one. It does affect you, no matter how much you try to hide it. But you learn to move past it, to shed that layer of pain, and let new people in.

You begin to give others a chance. A chance to prove that they won’t hurt you, yet you still won’t yourself care as much as you know you have cared in the past. But is it a bad thing to take a bit of precaution?

And then you see that they aren’t the people you thought they would be. They too have hearts, and if you give them a chance and not judge them, they will accept you as one of them, and take care of you.

Sometimes, you even see the side of them they don’t show in front of you. Good or bad.. And you learn to never judge the individual based on the company they keep. Not all birds of a feather, flock together.

The people who you thought were out of this world, begin to appear normal, with qualities you look for in a friend. You show a new-found respect for them, because even though you judged them, they never judged you.

Then you will wake up from your world, and join the real one, and know that though you are far away from the ones you know you are safe with, you can still have smiles and good times with the ones you don’t know yet.

So enjoy and keep smiling!!!



Sometimes I think about the past,
and wonder if it would have been different.
If we would have had what we have today,
or whether it would have faded away.

Sometimes I just want to run away,
and hide in a place where no one will find me.
To be alone with myself,
so that my thoughts will have space to breathe.

Sometimes I smile to myself in the sunshine,
and continue walking down the street.
Thinking about all those good times,
those memories of laughter.

Sometimes I dream about the future,
and how it seems so bright.
How it would feel like to spend a lifetime with you,
being with you every step of the way.

Sometimes I wonder if you’re thinking about me,
and how close we once were.
At what we are doing, how we are,
how we are coping, whether we are smiling.

Sometimes I look around me, at things learnt,
and I am eternally thankful.
For my family, friends and life,
it has been good to me, even through the storms.

Sometimes I ponder over the present,
and ask myself if it would be the same if I stayed behind.
If you would have given us another chance,
so I could feel the way I used to when you called my name.

Sometimes I am curious to know,
what would happen if you saw right through me.
Would you be amazed at how you’ve been deceived?
The mask I wear, will it frighten you?