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Ibn Umar Radiyallahu Anhu saw a man carrying his mother on his shoulders and roaming her round the Ka’abah. The man said: “O Ibn Umar, do you think I have paid back my debt to her?” Ibn Umar replied: ” Your effort is not equal to a single one of her labor pains. Nonetheless you are doing well and Allah will give you a great reward for the little you are doing. “

What it’s about…


It’s not whether you’re beautiful or hot, or if you’re worthy.

It’s about being there for someone when they give you a million and one reasons not to be; because you want to.

It’s about reading between the lines and knowing how much a person needs you to believe in them at that moment even though they are trying their hardest to push you away.

It’s about sharing a joke to ease up the tension because you know that a serious conversation is the last thing that they need just then.

It’s about waiting through all the pain and the confusion to go away; or just waiting for them to be with you or to share their story.

It’s about stepping back because you know for certain things it’s better to watch from the sidelines, than dive in head on.

It’s about bringing in the sunshine after the storm has passed; no matter how big and hard it struck.

It’s about caring, that it comes to a point where you’ve seen/heard the same word, phrase or emoticon sooooo many times, that you’ve officially banned them from using it.

It’s about love. Loving your parents. Loving your friends. Loving your other.