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Like no time has passed,
the sound of your voice
breaks down those high walls
and the butterflies are back.

Tomorrow, they will be gone;
Soon, you will be too.

Why I wrote this:
The boy with my heart is coming. This is going to be a disaster. I’m nervous. I want him gone quickly.



There was never any hesitation in the choices I made for you
in the depth of my mind
in the chambers of my heart
in the corners of my soul.
Yet I’m terrified, the butterflies are overshadowed by the fear of
being hurt by your words
being stranded by your actions
being unloved by your defiant heart.
In the reality of ghosts that haunt your past, present and future,
my eyes shall sparkle in your presence
my lips shall continue the silence
my hands shall continue to honor your memory.

Why I wrote this:
Some of the greatest love stories were not because they loved out loud.