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#SinglePringleCollection (6-10)


Cross the line
Place your love like a band around
my finger;
Have me your way
my way and every other which way.

I’ve already risked this friendship
for love, lust and desire;
Leaving me weak in the knees,
with a crazy bad habit that
wants to stay.

They tell me he is educated,
that he comes from a good family.
He is religious and settled,
that he can give me what I need.

He isn’t attractive
nor does he have any dreams.
His empty shell will never take me
to paradise, that’s what I tell them.

That is how we fit best,
atone for the shortcomings of the other.
The continued strength at the
breaking point,
an unconventional strategy when
options ran out,
the back-and-forth banter of
fulfilling life.
That is how I’d like to see us
‘shining brightly alone;
a supernova together’
but you… you didn’t think so.

If he would have kissed the valley
between the mounds,
he could have witnessed the plateau
transform into mountain peaks.
And if he was thirsty,
I would have let him drink from my
fountain of youth till
he drowned in the tsunami within.

Instead he preferred to
build sandcastles during the storm.

They ask me
“Why are you still not married?”
“What exactly are you looking for?”

My answer is simple


#SinglePringleCollection (1-5)


“Marry him.
Take care of him.”
That’s what she said.

“How do you do that for a man who
wants someone else?”
I stepped back. That’s what I did.

There she lay
beside me in sweet slumber,
a smirk on her face.
A curious early morning sight,
yet I rolled away to face the ceiling.

She, was stuck with me.

I wondered, would it be different
if he lay next to me,
would  he be pulling me in closer?
Ouch! She just smacked me
out of my daydream.

I, was stuck with her.

Here I am,
having the time of my life
yet coming back to an empty house
thinking I’d much rather
be with you!

There you are,
walking away with
your bags packed and mind made up
so I guess I’m getting used to
home being this way!

In a world that is intent on breaking,
it’s the first time I’ve learnt
to let go.

This is us.
This is love.
This is where I sleep,
alone in peaceful reverie.
With you darling, seas apart,
tormented by the road
less traveled.

You taught me to never
judge a book by its cover,
so I let him recite eloquent verses
that took me to a different time.

That was the thing I loved
most about him,
that he read in a language which
wasn’t completely mine.

Things I love about men [age 20 to 25]


The feeling of freedom when you sit behind them on the bike while they are going 3 times the speed you think they are going at, your hair like flash lightning.

No matter how bad perfume smells on the shelf, it always manages to smell tantalizing on them.

They look like insanely cute boys with their mismatch outfits and transform into magnificently handsome men in formals.

Though they are big and strong and manly, it all fades away once their arms are wrapped around you, their lips touches yours or your fingers intertwine with each other.

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, truly since he can’t make anything besides – eggs, pasta, instant noodles and rice (maybe).

They can be your protectors and saviors, but can never find their keys, shaving blade, or socks.

Tease. Torture. Tolerate. Their life goal.

Boy can they make you smile, big big smiles. Plus a lil sunshine in your eyes.

Their confusion about everything and nothing. Irrational childish fears of getting hurt. Inability to commit. Men and their boyish side-kicks.

Loyalty. Bro’s before whores. Always.

They show you their love by buying you pretty things that you mostly won’t use but will fill your treasured memory box till it overflows.

The fact that they are always warm, their shoulders are always plentiful, and they smell like hardworking men.