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All In My Head


Let me start with – We are born alone, and we shall depart in the same manner. It’s a sad realization that we all have eventually in our lives that we are alone, that no one but ourselves understand what’s going on inside our head, nor does anyone get the way we think and the reasons behind us doing the things we do.

So, just to confirm, you are right. No amount of love from family, friends or lovers is going to change that because everyone, every relationship is temporary, like everything else in this life that we lead these days. Nothing is real. Nothing is significant.

However, it is better to realize this earlier in your life, rather than later. It gives you time to adjust before you step out into the big bad world. Time to stop thinking about others, and start being slightly selfish and think about you for a change, put yourself first! Lesson one: know when to put yourself over others.

Every friendship is amazing at the beginning, as is every love story. But this is only for the moment; it won’t stand the test of time. Even with the telephone, internet, or old fashioned mail. They will move away ultimately, and start their own lives without you. By then, how much do we really know about them?

Love stories on the other hand aren’t anything like novels/tv shows/movies which we depend on so fervently. Fairytale endings don’t exist. These relationships are terribly dramatic that you wonder why you ever decided to dive in head first! Maybe staying single saves you all the heartache, yet no matter how much we want to deny it, we are scared to be alone.

But with the way of world now, maintaining any relationship is difficult, no matter how open-minded you are. Compromise is the only key, a word no one has heard of. It’s always a battle, a competition, and at the end, a game you get tired of playing.

A wise teacher once told me, learning to be interdependent will get us far. I wish I could meet him now to tell him how wrong he was. The only thing that we get us to where we want to be is – lesson two, knowing when to be independent and when to be interdependent. That is certainly very important.

Depending on someone isn’t going to get you anywhere with the present workings of the globe. If you want something done, do it yourself. There isn’t anyone out who is going to do it better than you. You have to take the initiative, bring out the leader in you! If you believe in what you are doing, and you think that it will get you somewhere, don’t listen to what others have to say.

After reading all this, you might think I’m wrong, that I have a pessimistic approach on life, that I have no one to love me, that I don’t love myself, that I went through a bad relationship, that I have family issues, and so on. And I’ll tell you that you are right. But take a nice long look at your life, is it any different? Have you honestly never felt this way?

If you haven’t, then your ignorance is your bliss. And I do hope that you don’t ever have to undergo this feeling in your life. That your friends will always be loyal to you, your love will always support your adventures and carry you through when you feel weak, and your family will always be there for you, especially when you doubt your capabilities.

This could be all in my head; however, I’ve seen it way too many times to know how true it is. Yes, it scares the hell out of me, but it’s something we all have to live with. We can’t compromise everything that we are to become nothing. Maybe independence is the way to do!!!