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Could Have


We could have shared
kisses in the rain
and held each other during
those long tube journeys.
We could have walked
a lot more closer
and whispered
sweet terms of endearment.

But you were too late
to say it out loud,
the happy memories
are now just a little bittersweet.



Caress the fullness of my lips
with your kisses,
take me away from this
world of horrors.

Fill the hollow of my neck
with your breath,
bittersweet everythings.

Embrace the small of my back
with your arms,
bring me closer to your
steady heartbeat.

Drown me in
your scent
your voice
your universe.
I’m in love with you.

Stop looking at me
with your lusty eyes.
Pick up the phone
give me a f*cking call!