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Blue for you…


Time moves so slow, yet I blink my eye and it’s already the end of 2012 — and the world didn’t end yet! Muahahahahahahaha!!! I’m 24 years old and I’m finally finally going to graduate from med school this year and damn right I’m excited/scared/flipping out. I’ve come a long way, but it’s NOTHING. I have big dreams for myself, and dreams are not free. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

And as this year sets and the dawn of 2013 comes into the horizon, I like to re-live all the special moments of my years. Reminisce in the past with all the life lessons, the good times and the people that mean the world to me. Positivity on the negativity.

Started off in Singapore, the country of my dreams. It’s fine blend of multi-cultural diversity and economic prosperity. Rode my first kick-scooter. Big accomplishment. Made friends. Ate laksa, satay and all the peanut sauce I could stomach. Walked around endlessly. Viewed the entire skyline from Singapore’s tallest(?) tower, watching the clouds shadow the sun to bring in glorious rain. Enjoyed the hospital, the will of the doctors to teach and encourage. It was a good 6 weeks. Best experience yet!

After all, it’s been nice to be home after this time, like nothing has changed except the skyline, the now very elaborate Arts scene and the aggressive charity campaigns.

Being with the boys has been extremely satisfying. It’s bliss when you have someone to argue with endlessly and someone to calm you down when there is a storm cooking, most of all when no matter what and how, they can ALWAYS make you laugh and make you forget a bad day! Hell… we’ve had our good months and bad months, but we made it through and I miss them everyday. Thank you for getting me through the death of my first patient, for ignoring me for 2 months and asking me where I’ve been hiding my face, for watching the curb and most of all for the “dolphins”. Oops.. forgot the culinary experience — those nights of shish tawook and endless elaborate planning to end up in Pizza Hut. Plus the numerous cups of tea!

The hospital training was difficult, it wasn’t as great as I expected it to be, but it was still so eye opening and educational. Not to say that there weren’t some doctors that gave me the most of what they had to offer – and I’m proud to have failed on my first paracentesis, but mastering it the second time around. I’m proud for being given the opportunity to master subcuticular stitches. I’m proud to have done my first lumbar puncture without paralyzing the patient. I’m proud to have drawn blood on my first try without multiple marks. I’m proud to have sutured a man’s lacerated eyebrow after 15 mins of sweating and shaky hands. I’m proud to have failed my first and only bone marrow aspiration. I’m proud of somewhat being able to handle a laparoscopic appendectomy. I’m proud to be able to read an ECG in confidence. I’m proud for the opportunity to massage an open uterus. Thank you doctors and surgeons, thank you for harnessing my interest and channeling it towards educating me. You have made a world of difference from the person I started and the doctor I will be. I guess I must say that I did make some friends there at the hospital as well, over some more cups of tea and the odd lunch.

Escapism is my middle name. Actually no, it isn’t. It might as well be though. My trip to Sri Lanka was the best. Arguing with my cousin, and practically fighting over meatballs. Henna night with the girls. Meeting people I haven’t seen in over 3 years and falling into place like it was just yesterday and time had not passed at all. The ladies man has become a priest – for real. *drop dead* Cheering at the SJC-RC Regetta for my Thora cousin who was rowing and silently for my Royalist dad. Visiting the babies of my family — doing what I do best, making them cry! Oh.. and my Josephian brothers – in my heart, never a serious moment, always a pleasure. Following up on Sri Lanka’s cafe culture. Lastly, the best relationship advice always comes from the one who sees things from the outside in; the words ring so true, yes, you are wearing me down. You caught me off-guard there but it was wonderful, those last 40 mins in the airport.

As the year counts down, I have been quite busy this year. I’ve pushed for as many charity events as I could. I’ve been to support the UAE National Symphony Orchestra in the desert of Zayed University. I’ve dragged mom along with me for the grandiose Abu Dhabi Art Festival at Saadiyat Island. AND I GOT MY DRIVERS!!! Now that’s major. 🙂 Thanks mom and dad for this year. The only thing missing was my bro. I do miss the bugger to bits. Home is just not the same without him.

It is the end of the year of the DRAGON. It’s the end of my year. Reminisce young’uns. Steady your roots so that your shoots will always know the way back home. Revel in the blessings of the year. Forget the broken hearts, the mean words, the crushed spirits! You will heal with every breath, with every new dawn.

Here’s to family!
Here’s to best friends!
Here’s to following your dreams!
Here’s to living your life!
Here’s to memories that make you smile when you are alone!

Here’s to 2013!!! Happy New Year… ❤