Hot Chocolate


No I’m not talking about the drink, I’m talking about people. The people in your lives that give you that feeling you get when you sip on hot chocolate – the smooth silkiness going down and suddenly the cold feeling your body has is replaced by this majestic feeling of warmth that you’ve been craving.

They are the ones that hold you up with a steady hand because they already know you are feeling weak and are ready to let go at any moment, but they know you have it in you to hold on a little longer with a bit of support. They aren’t the ones you talk to everyday, but they magically appear when you need them with bits of encouragement to keep going.

They can read your mind, they know exactly what your crossroads are without you having to tell them. It’s the sharing of burdens you didn’t want to acknowledge you had. It’s the beautiful surprise of honest understanding. It’s the comfort of pyjamas, long conversations on the same page and reinforcement you didn’t want to believe in.

The king of beverages. The diamond of friends.

~Misskayes & Duffy: hot chocolatiers always ❤

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