The Way We Are


It is in the way that
time travels light-years
without us noticing,
and the simple little things
that make this
all so enticing.

It is too late now
to be trying to fix
this flickering light,
yet I guess I have to
give you an ‘A’ for
your effort in this fight.

It is and always will be
one of those
dangerously beautiful friendships,
soon I shall miss
the effortless smile
you bring to my lips.

Why I wrote this:
One of my closest friends, I can’t help but love him and be in love with him. He might just be the most inspiring person in my life and I look up to him. We had coffee recently, and with everything we’ve been through recently, I’m ready to let go of us, it might be premature, but knowing myself, I think it is better I slowly start to move on rather be left stranded – I thought he would understand this, however, he fighting to hold on. No matter, the time will come.


Leave a tear drop, heart break or brilliant smile :-)

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