Wedding Night


Your piercing gaze captures my eyes
I’m too lost in them to look away.
Your fingers tease my dress buttons
Soon I’m down to foreplay.
I watch you undress yourself
Caught between curiosity and shame.
Your kisses, not on my lips,
On my neck, my chest, whispering my name.
I can’t not give in, it’s been a dream too long,
The sheets below me, you on top.
Your hungry lips crushing mine,
Swallowing my moans to never stop.

Wait, let me put my heart on the dresser,
tonight, it is our bodies overflowing with lust.
Tomorrow we can start our journey,
Of husband and wife, of trust.

Why I wrote this:
Thought I’d try my hand at erotic poetry that has been going, but I just couldn’t. I don’t advocate for one night stands, friends with benefits or anything of the sort.


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