Kudos 10 Years


Here are those years of mine,
those years you helped me shine.
When I was lost in time,
but you knew how to make me sublime.


Remember them 123greeting e-cards,
the one you sent to your ‘brother’,
the one you filled with hate and poisonous words,
and signed it with my name?

Remember when both of you together,
couldn’t really figure,
between our bags in that hot weather,
leaving us to search high & low?

Remember the words of advice,
the hijab, the boys, the life,
they were worth the price,
not for the chicken-scratch writing?


Remember after years of separation,
you said my name and I stiffened,
meeting in a crowded destination,
because I never heard you speak before then?

Remember the other times,
when it was all bad coffee and fresh juice,
leaving me with an empty wallet of dimes,
and cute things to take home?

Remember that drive,
where you ended up at the wrong hotel,
and had to pull a speed racer live,
to be home in time?

Remember that moment when,
you were my virtual shoulder to cry one,
life was a big mess then,
long emails were a thing?


Remember time differences,
and birthday gifts,
and wishes of long distances,
and in-between class chats?

Remember the other car,
when I got my first driving lesson,
where I drove like a pro-star,
with both hearts up in your mouths?

Remember those weekly Sunday phone calls,
those Skype calls where I talk and you type,
the planning of holidays in the fall,
the best things in life?

Remember TGIFridays,
the loud, clappy birthday song,
and I had to keep my face lively,
when all I wanted to do was hide?

Remember the airport pick up,
the praying together outside at the petrol shed,
trolling on Mugg & Bean grub,
and early morning drama?

Remember my scuba diving refusal,
the epic fail of simulation training,
me bouncing up & down was rueful,
wasn’t it a blessing I didn’t make it?


Remember those movie nights,
and extreme planning,
when we became swim club at low light,
pizza hut, al mallah and karak?

Remember the delight of RAK,
the green-faced dhow ride to Musandam,
cannon-balling at the dock,
and almost leaving me at the border?

Remember the hunt for turkey,
the epic mealtime success of that pasta,
me being quirky,
and my late night parking lessons?

Remember weekly plannings of the Euro trip,
and the stranded train station story,
the stroopwaffles of the cruise ship,
the pack-a-punch weekends?


Remember the Sri Lanka movement,
the land of good people,
where tempers ran truant,
and cameras were on overtime?

Remember the fireworks,
the long queue to park,
freezing feet wasn’t a perk,
neither was the MIA situation of the main man?

Remember random lunch dates,
chill late night walks,
stories of the Sahaba debates,
and getting lost?

Remember when I started to keep my distance,
when I’d rather go home alone,
the rather strange insistence,
when things were getting serious?


I can only cry so many tears,
I can only live a fantasy for so long,
I can only put myself together so many times,
I can only put myself out there for so long.

Bless you for those years of mine,
for the sunlight and the rain,
for the strength and the pain,
for the friendship, the love and the signature lines.


Leave a tear drop, heart break or brilliant smile :-)

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