See Beneath Your Beautiful


ImageYou know what I love about a teenager – the way they love. Nothing matters to them. There are no boundaries, there is no red tape. It’s plain simple – I love you! I remember those days. I used to be like that. Love unconditionally. Believe in forever, perfection. Poems, love letters, song dedications, ice cream and coffee.

As you grow up, you learn that the world is cruel, that you will get hurt if you love the way you used to. You begin to have expectations and boundaries. You lose that faith that you once had. You don’t trust as easily. The broken, scarred heart you now have is happy not letting anyone in.

ImageLife goes on, you become selfish and independent. It’s really unfortunate. You reminisce about your past and sigh about your future, because you know that those days are never coming back. There is nothing like loving someone when you were young. Sacrificing to see them smile. Doing everything you can to bring out the best in them. Believing in their dreams and sharing their hopes. Being a better part of their lives. Doing things because it reminds you of them.

I love how teenagers love like that. I love how nothing matters. I love how it’s so hopeless and endless. I love how it’s so silly and ridiculous. I love how it can be that warmth in the winter and that cool breeze you look for in the summer. I love how the jokes are not even that funny but you have tears streaming down your face with laughter. I love how a hour together always seems like a minute and a minute apart feels like a decade. I love how even through all the brutal beatings, my heart still has a small flicker of hope for a love like that.

I live to love like that. I’m hopeless.


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  1. That’s the best way to love, though 🙂 With hope, and without the red tape. You do have a wonderful way with words!

    Would you like to send a letter to a loved one? We await your contribution to the WordSongsProject:)

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