Super Human


Somewhere in our life we meet someone who has so much gravitational pull that we are attracted to them with so much force that it’s much easier to give in than to fight it. And once we are sucked in, it’s even more difficult to get out.

It’s true what they say – “It hurts when the one you love, doesn’t love you back”. I know it’s true. The worst thing about emotions is that you can’t run away from them. No matter how much you suppress them, no matter how much you distract yourself, it will find a way to creep up on you.

You keep saying to yourself – “we’ll just be friends”, but you know in your heart that every time you think about that person, it’s not friendship that you are thinking about. By then you are in so deep, that you can’t even see the sunshine anymore.

Attraction is deadly. It suffocates you and fills your head with fantasies. You begin to care, and care, and care, and care like it’s an obsession. A dangerous one at that. Once you realize that you need space before you go crazy, it’s too late. You regret giving your heart, your trust, your everything.

You can’t be in that persons company either because you can’t stand to see that person with someone else or because they overwhelm you beyond your control. You want to be set free, and stop playing this game where your heart and mind are at war.

Only you can do that. Only you can set yourself free. I know the right way is to just stop. Stop being friends, stop talking, stop looking, stop thinking. Trust me, it’s harder done than said. I’ve been telling myself this for years. But I haven’t given up hope yet. One day I know I’ll be free.

I’ll be free from those fantasies in my head and be living in the present. I’ll be free from this conflict in my heart that’s taking over my life. I’ll be free from torturing myself and loving someone that only brings me heartache and tears than I care to admit.

It’s hard; in fact it’s like sucking all the oxygen out of your air. But I’ll make it through. Slowly and surely. The media says we have soul mates, all those music videos, all those movies, all those serials; but I stopped believing that a while ago. Actually, I stopped believing in their version of soul mates.

A close friend of mine reopened my eyes to the true meaning of soul mates. It’s not someone who was predetermined for you. Instead, it’s a person you can’t live without, and who equally can’t live without you – an understanding and commitment between two people.

Thus, if someone you love can live without you, that person already isn’t meant to be with you until death do you apart. I think there are lots of people we can get along with, and there are some people that we definitely can’t get along with, sometimes right from the start, sometimes in between.

We all deserve to be loved. Why would we want to live a life without that by choice? Or in hope that the one we love will love us back – when we can always find someone who we love and who will love us back too. I’m sure I’ll find someone and you will too. It’s a small world after all.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling, until it’s not. Couples fight, that’s normal, and they still stay together because the love is there. Else it’ll breakdown before you can even blink your eye. Love is not easy, but it’s not difficult either.

Give yourself a chance to feel the freedom that love can offer you, and the strength, the courage, the peace. It’s difficult to let go, but it’s not worth holding on to the pain. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go.


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