Hello world!


Recently, I’ve been going through a high school friend’s blog and she reminded me of how truly wonderful it is to just set your self free and write to your hearts content much like dancing as if no one’s watching. I can’t remember when I last wrote something significant, something mind blowing, something stupid?

There is something truly transfixing about blogs and sharing your soul with strangers and the “occasional friend”. Truly letting it all out. And man, is there a lot of me to let out.

A whole 4 years of my life has passed by at university. 4 years is a long time. And I feel like I have accomplished nothing of incredible importance – well nothing according to my To-Do List. 4 years is a long time to not write anything.

I was supposed to have excellent grades, but I feel they are almost shameful to those I had envisioned. I was supposed to be a good friend and keep in touch and make them feel loved but instead I have distanced myself and lost many along the way. I was supposed to find the man of my dreams, I did find a boy who turned into a man, who loves me beyond himself, and for now that dream is happy.

I’ve just got one last miserly semester left before I start my clerkship, which is something I’m really looking forward to. The challenge, the sleepless nights, the reading, the researching, the competition, the pots of caffeine, mixed ideas and torn papers. Lucky I’ve been accepted to do a rotation at NUS right at the start, I’ll be applying for more. Hope they come through. I really want out of here. Hell doesn’t even compare.


Leave a tear drop, heart break or brilliant smile :-)

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