A Little Respect


In which direction is this world heading? Far from the good, closing in on the worst. How long are we going to keep quiet about this? How long are we going to close our eyes and ears to it? We are moving past ourselves, to become people who we shouldn’t, and we don’t even see it coming.

The young talk back to the old. Those younger being bullied mercilessly. The students argue with the teachers. Boys are nasty to girls, and the girls equally rude to the boys. War for land. War for religion. War for greed. Indeed, where is this world headed? When did the respect, the tolerance, the patience stop getting passed down generations?

Respect is never given, it is earned; through trust, reliability, and guidance, not through treats, violence, or riches. But we demand it, we scream for it; for what use? There is discrimination and judgment in everyone’s eyes, a reason to despise, a reason to find fault, a reason to feel superior.

It is easy to think that our elders come from another generation, that they don’t understand where we are coming from. What we don’t think about is how we have changed with technology, and then begin to feel that we have become superior to them because of that, but in fact, technology or not, human life still passes through the same phases. Through experience, our elders know better.

Just because teachers are paid to teach us, we think that we have control over them. But we don’t. They deserve respect, they have taken it upon themselves to educate us, to allow us to achieve our potential. They guide us from their hearts. It is always important that education will always take us places. That the pen is mightier than the sword.

There has to be mutual respect between the masses. You can’t expect people to respect you if you don’t respect them. It must exist between genders. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that all girls think too high of themselves and all boys have ego’s high enough to go beyond the sky. These characteristics are all due to discrimination. They are our self-preservation mechanisms.

It should be there among the multi-religious, multi-ethnic communities. There isn’t a single place on earth where you’d find only a single race or a single religion. Everything is mixed. And we must learn to live with it. We can’t point fingers at groups if only a percent of them are corrupt. That too exists in every community, and it just takes another point of a finger to show that.

I know there have been times where you have been told to discriminate by elders due to their bad experiences. But open your mind and think again, if we can change from our elders, they can also mend their bad history and choose to go on the correct path. People need your support and encouragement, not fingers.

Learn to live in peace. Learn to respect each other. Learn to not point fingers. Learn to be good. Stop this war that’s going on within our lands and in our hearts. Respect yourself first. Show it in the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress and the way you react. Bring on the kindness. Have a heart. Send out a little bit of respect, you’ll get it back in plenty.

Respect your elders, those younger to you, those that guide you academically, spiritually, and through your extra-curriculars. Respect your school, respect the property around you, respect people, poor or rich. Don’t discriminate. Put yourself in that position before you point fingers or say something harsh.

Respect is earned not demanded. Show that you are worthy of it.


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