I Still Believe


It has always happened to us, if not it will soon – a time when we believe in what we are doing, but others have little faith in us actually completing what we are set on doing. They predict disaster, they pester us with negative comments, and they almost wish upon us calamities instead of offering a helping us, being proud that we are taking a risk or even feeding us constructive criticism.

But, let me tell you, from experience, that if you believe in yourself to take all that negativity and continue with your dream, not to look back but forward, to know in your heart that you CAN do it – then you will be rewarded. And all those voices that were trying to get into your head will just vanish, because they can’t say anything now. Your triumph is a sign for them to eat their words.

I know it’s easy to let what others say get you down, and maybe sometimes they are right. Some adventures are just not meant to be, decisions taken not in the right sense of mind, certain spontaneous thoughts, but that doesn’t mean not that they have their own exceptions. If you strongly believe that you can pull it off, cover the bad aspects a thousand fold, why not go for it? After all you are your biggest fan.

When you believe in yourself, it is clearly written all over your face. People won’t come to mess with your mind, they will respect you. There will always be those who will be jealous of you and your achievements, but these are petty things to handle and are better left to ignorance, compared to those who will wish wonders for you. And once you’ve proven yourself, there is definitely no going back, there is only going forward to a glorious future.

You will think that once you’ve accomplished that once shunned dream, that you will go back to being invisible, nothing more will be expected from you. Think again. There will be paparazzi running after you, wanting to know what’s next, what’s more. Like the release of a new album from an artist that you love or a new book from your favorite author or a new movie from the director or actor/ess of your choice.

And if I were you, I would take that opportunity to push myself to the top. The accomplishment of big dreams opens big doors into different worlds. Believing in yourself takes you from nothing to something. We read it in the newspapers every day, and we say that we could have done that, but you know what, ‘we’ didn’t, they did. So why not? We all can do something to make someone out of us.

Plenty wise quotes say that we are nothing without our dreams, and yes, it’s true. However it’s not only dreams that we should have, but also the will to fulfill them, believing in them and in ourselves, else we are really nothing. Of course we should always start small, but it doesn’t hurt to start big once in a while – get all the confidence of others in one go. It’s always safer to start small though.

So, all of you out there who doubt yourself into depression, stop it right now! You are awesome, no matter what others say. You have something that others don’t. You are special. And even people don’t believe that, you believe it and show the others how wrong they were in what they thought of you. Shine! Send out those bright waves. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way, because if you believe, that’s all you need till you reach the end.

The feeling that you can achieve anything comes by us so rarely, the pure and innocent motivation and initiative. Grab it and make good use of it. Take this as a mission to be what you are destined to be. Live those dreams that you keep within you. All great stories, all through history started with nothing and then rose to greatness. Let them be an inspiration to you. Start helping yourself, only then will the forces beyond us bend to our favor.

When you follow your dreams, you also begin to realize who your real friends are. They stick by you and encourage you to follow your dreams, no matter how huge, how unrealistic it seems to them. They will find small ways to help you, unlike those fair-weather ones, who run at the first sniff of something beyond themselves. Though they will put in their pretences of participation, don’t be discouraged. Believe in yourself enough for all, and you will make it till the end.

Never let those petty thoughts bring you down. Keep that faith that you have in yourself, and soon you will rise above others. Do what you want, because you can. There is no rule written in any book that says that you can’t. Nothing of significant greatness can be achieved by being on the safe side. Take a risk, because you can. Open doors for yourself. Don’t wait around for others to do it for you. Believe in yourself and your life and take control!


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