Love Is Dead


Is love dead? Well not yet, but it sure is on the verge of extinction. In this world there is real and make believe. And love is going from real to make believe. Who knows what love really is these days? Girls want financial security, and boys want trophies to show off. Where is love in all that?

Love is a very gentle thing. It isn’t in the cheese or the car keys. It’s in the binding of two hearts. Perfect – it is not. But pure, it is. It is in the twinkling smiles, the passionate kisses, the subtle entwining of fingers, and the long hours spent in dreams of another world. It is shy, slow, and soft. It is the good, the bad, the ugly too.

It brings out obstacles to test its foundation and its purity. It wants to know if we’ll work it out till we get it right. Dating is fun. But don’t lose the purpose of dating. It is to find your soul mate, not to be used as a game to hurt or use others. So be gentle and be kind, and if doesn’t work out, please don’t be harsh.

Is it enough to love? Love is life and without it, there would be no life. Love is hard. Love is rich in everything that is not materialistic. Love is simple. Love is sharing beautiful thoughts. Love is trust. Love is a gesture from the heart. Love is eternity. Love is through better or worse, faithfully.

So girlies, how would you measure a man? I suggest, by his heart. You wouldn’t want a boy who didn’t have a golden heart. You’d want a boy who would treat you right. No cars, no fancy clothes, to make him who he’s not. You want a boy who’s real, inside and out. Someone who’s heart and mind works in rhyme with yours. It’s really hard to find a perfect mate, but settle for one who rocks your world. He’d make you alive. Remember, love doesn’t have to hurt to feel good. So sift through all the heartbreakers, and find the one who makes your heart skip a beat. If you want to know if his love is worth, why do you ask him to move heaven and earth? Just because you are a pretty creature doesn’t entitle you to lack a heart, so seek, and see it in the boy’s eyes. Give the boy a chance or two, to prove his worthiness.

Lads, don’t be afraid to show the girls the shape of your heart. The true ones will want only that. You might be cool, you might be rich, you might be handsome, but if you are not benevolent, the rest is not worth much. And then you go fall in love with the wrong kind, because to the untrue, it’s worth plenty. Finding the right girl is difficult too, but don’t lose faith. Your angel is waiting to take your breath away. When you find her, treat her right. If you chose to refuse to put her first; she will, if you can’t, find a man who knows her worth. The right one will make you greater than you have ever dreamt. She will bring you home. Her unfailing faith in you will take you higher, and make you believe that someday, you’d be more than this. Don’t throw away a good thing, for when she falters, give her a hand.

Love for the right reasons. If you think it is a game, bear in mind that you are playing the only game in which the ‘players’ get hurt. So step into the real world and leave your childish games behind. Those hands are meant to hold, not to harm. Reach out and spread the love in your heart – that is the only way you will live.

Sometimes, though the love is already there, materialistic wants come into the pretty picture. So if by chance, all they had to give you, was three words wrapped around your finger? Would that be deep enough at the end of everyday? I hope so. Money and fame can not buy the happiness that love provides for free, so don’t lose it, when you have it.

Open your eyes, your heart can’t tell you no lies. Believe in your heart and have some hope. If you bear too many scars, it is time you open your eyes, and question, not your heart, but your mind. Sometimes you may lose your heart to the wrong soul, but if your eyes are open, you will know your heart is no longer beating to the original rhythm.

How do you know if you have love? I don’t know, but your heart will. Be good to it, and it will show you the way. It can be amazing, something so super-real. Open your heart and sing your song. Dance among the stars and on the moon. Live your life and breathe the fresh air and watch love creep into it.

Could you be the one for me? Could you be the one I need? Could you?


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