For Today…


Many people are so ungrateful. They dont see life as the beautiful thing that it is. They dont realize that somethings are only worth it if effort is given to getting it. They dont see the silver lining in the dark clouds, nor do they understand that its only possible to see a rainbow after the rain. They dont enjoy the pleasure of smiles and laughter. They dont see the beauty in the flowers and the trees. They dont hear the beauty of the birds.

God gives us alot of things, but he doesnt place them in our laps. He sends his blessings through our surroundings, but its only upto ourselves to take them in and be blessed. He sends us guides everyday, but it is upto us to see them. He sends us love everyday, but its upto us to receive it. God is smart, we should be too. Why dont people want to live their life?! Why do they choose to see the negative instead of the positive? Why arent they happy with what they have? Why do they want more? Why dont they understand that life doesnt work that way? Why do people want to dwell in self pity, instead of make a better life for themselves? Life gives you exactly what you give it. It doesnt give if you only take. So give people, but dont expect immediate results. Wait. Be patient. Life will give it to you at the exact moment you least expect it. If you give it happiness, it will give you a smile in all you sense. But if you refuse to give it happiness, and isolate yourself, life will give you exactly that in return. Be happy people. Take the little things and make them huge, because they are the ones that make all the difference between a bad day and a good day. Im not saying that I too dont have my bad days, I do. But I believe that tomorrow it will be better, and it always is. Dont think for the future. I thank God on my bad days for giving me all the trials in one day so that I can enjoy the rest of the month. Think for today. Live for today. Smile for today.


Leave a tear drop, heart break or brilliant smile :-)

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